Interior Trend of the Month – STRIPES

“People who love stripes are sorted for life.”

The month of March has been over taken by stripes for Peeli Dori, for two simple reasons: It is both lazy and chic. If you love this trend then Peeli Dori Flagship Store will be the right destination for any home decor product.

Stripes have been conquering the fashion industry since a very long time and they will for some time to come. Now is the time for interiors to get influenced by this trend. And why not, since the play of lines have so much emotion involved in it. You can feel a lot of things with different placement of stripes. Various ways that stripes are placed, intricate, vertical versus horizontal, everything has a different story to narrate.

Where there is a story, Peeli Dori  always marks its presence in order to present it to the world in the most unique and creative manner possible. How can this story be narrated best in terms of Interiors shall follow.

Every time we see a stripe or wear a striped t-shirt, the simplest thing to image in this case, we always have a character to outcast. We want to look bold or may be elegant, both can be done by stripes but how is a technique to understand. Let us understand with some examples of interiors how a character is related to each stripe and what difference it makes for an individual. It might help you choose the perfect stripe for yourself or your space, the next time you consider going for it.




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You don’t need a word to define bold. Stripes which are just in the face and which catch a lot of attention in the first go will be something considered as bold.

Bold lines with a bold contrast will be the appropriate stripe for this character.




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These people have a lot hidden inside them and are very creative for that matter. The character shows a lot of intricacy and depth.

Lines very intricately striped or complimenting each other which do not exactly look very defined can go for this character.




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The casual and not caring kind of people would go for this one. The stripes are very comfortably placed at a distance with each other and do not really attract any eye. It is a good way to hide chaos inside (Pun intended).




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The stripes a well-planned but carefully placed. They are on their way to become bold but are not exactly there. The balance between bold and classic is clearly visible. You would probably be a fashionista, if you go for this stripe.




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Somebody who knows exactly what they are doing or going for a very confident in nature. These people can opt for a variety of stripes depending on their mood but will be sure of that the thing comes out right and perfect.




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Well defined lines with a lot of strength visually would go for this kind of stripe. The character will go for something which has neither colour lacking in domination.




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It is an amalgamation of a lot of things and characters together. The lines are very scheduled at definitive distance and majorly both the contrasting colours have the same place on the visual in terms of the area.




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It appears to be very soft and graceful in visual appeal. The dominating colour lines are usually thin.




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Both the colours play a very significant role in making something look charming. The character is also very soft spoken and delicate and pretty. Same goes with the stripes.




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It is the most mainstream face of stripes that we can remember. Something that Picasso used to wear is what I would call classic. It’s in trend since then.




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It turns out to be the most fun loving of all. These people are very cheerful and always on the go. Something that has the darker colour to be having an upper hand is right kind of stripe for them. The look give them an edge and enthusiasm since they love a lot of energy.


In Store Review | January—February | 2017

Rustic rugged role play – Yes you read that right! Cushions, hand knitted with skills, have been the centre of attraction at our flagship store since the time they have been launched. Customers, especially the male market segment have appreciated it and are relating to it more than our skilled house makers, that is, the ladies. They love the fact that something can be rugged and luxurious at the same time. When something shiny and velvety doesn’t go with your space look, then this goes the best. The V:A:N:N Collection serves its purpose at the best and for the best class of people.


This is one question always asked by our visitors. They want to know how many people are there to break stereotypes in their lifestyle and go forward to experiment with things. Till today, I always have had the same thing to say. There is a very niche clientele who is conscious enough to understand the environment they stay in, their own choices and how their actions affect the other people. They are the class of people with a certain sense of responsibility, they are aware of the latest trends the world is going for and then very consciously choose the right story for themselves, which is both trendy and classy. And if I have to frame this briefly, I would say any and every individual who understands sustainability as a concept, surely likes to go for it.


The cushion, since are hand knitted with a very rugged looking yarn, possess a very defined look in terms of their aesthetics. If you are looking at the cushions and this is the question that comes to your mind, then definitely you should ask yourself what is your personal choice of comfort and aesthetics. The latest trend is mix and match everything that you like in not a very disturbing outlook.

Some call this style as the eclectic and I call it a conscious choice. This happens when you like a lot of things but each has a different characteristic.


The traditional art of hand knitting is usually done with wool and it’s similar. But this collection for home textiles is done with cotton yarn to make it purposeful in all seasons and is very low in maintenance. Cotton is a very human friendly material. It has properties which make it stand out in all kinds of weather. Adding this value of cotton to hand knitting process, the result is very appealing since the knots are clearly making patterns and add to the details of the product. And I must say it is beautiful, as beautiful as the art of knitting is, in itself.

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