In Store Review | January—February | 2017

Rustic rugged role play – Yes you read that right! Cushions, hand knitted with skills, have been the centre of attraction at our flagship store since the time they have been launched. Customers, especially the male market segment have appreciated it and are relating to it more than our skilled house makers, that is, the ladies. They love the fact that something can be rugged and luxurious at the same time. When something shiny and velvety doesn’t go with your space look, then this goes the best. The V:A:N:N Collection serves its purpose at the best and for the best class of people.


This is one question always asked by our visitors. They want to know how many people are there to break stereotypes in their lifestyle and go forward to experiment with things. Till today, I always have had the same thing to say. There is a very niche clientele who is conscious enough to understand the environment they stay in, their own choices and how their actions affect the other people. They are the class of people with a certain sense of responsibility, they are aware of the latest trends the world is going for and then very consciously choose the right story for themselves, which is both trendy and classy. And if I have to frame this briefly, I would say any and every individual who understands sustainability as a concept, surely likes to go for it.


The cushion, since are hand knitted with a very rugged looking yarn, possess a very defined look in terms of their aesthetics. If you are looking at the cushions and this is the question that comes to your mind, then definitely you should ask yourself what is your personal choice of comfort and aesthetics. The latest trend is mix and match everything that you like in not a very disturbing outlook.

Some call this style as the eclectic and I call it a conscious choice. This happens when you like a lot of things but each has a different characteristic.


The traditional art of hand knitting is usually done with wool and it’s similar. But this collection for home textiles is done with cotton yarn to make it purposeful in all seasons and is very low in maintenance. Cotton is a very human friendly material. It has properties which make it stand out in all kinds of weather. Adding this value of cotton to hand knitting process, the result is very appealing since the knots are clearly making patterns and add to the details of the product. And I must say it is beautiful, as beautiful as the art of knitting is, in itself.

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What is the real meaning of the term, ‘Design Intervention’ ?

As discussed with the lead design team of Peeli Dori, Design Intervention is something which we call as modifying things to allocate them for a better and modern purpose. Rather than innovating completely, you modify and enhance the functional and aesthetic characteristics of a product. It is design intervention.

Peeli Dori offers bespoke design services. They deal with handcrafting techniques of India and therefore use design intervention as the major technique to make crafts or handcrafting techniques more purposeful in the urban scenario.

A creative design is one with functional aesthetics. We consider a collection of Peeli Dori to understand the design process followed by them.


Vann Collection – Deck Pillows and Cushion Covers

Product Realization

The first step which takes place is the analysis of product requirement in the niche market. With time people preferences and habits change. The mode they are following at a certain point of time determines the product that they would readily want to go for. A consumer analysis is done to figure out an oppurtunity area/sector. This determines and indicates major insights for the process ahead. It also gives a fair idea of the product category. This is the stage where maximum research takes place.


Trend Study

After it becomes clear which product category we are dealing with, trend study takes place. The forecast is referred to. In case of the VANN collection, forests and their shades were taken from the trends of 2017 as inspiration. Trends give a lot of detailed information about what people will like in a certain time from now.




The collection now comes down to the conceptualization stage. Every insight till now is put together to form a story and which is then taken as a theme for the final design.

Here the forests were taken as the theme. The colours and the patterns, extracted from forests were put together to create a theme board/inspiration board.




Mood-board is the stage where the look of the product is determined. How the product shall feel like as an end result and what kind of vibes it will give is stated in visual format. The Mood-board of VANN collection states features like minimalism, green shades, geometric and tactile. It gives insights to decide on the design conceptualization.



Design Conceptualization

After the above stages, starts the real design. It is where the real conceptualization happens to form the real design. From the choice of materials to the form and structure, everything is decided and given a real body. How the technique will follow the modern design is the major manifesto of Peeli Dori design team at this stage.

Peeli Dori designs to intervene the roots of the technique used to completely change the look of it as a final outcome.

In VANN collection hand knitting is used to give a tactile service and its a complete new look in terms of knitted products.

The collection will be available on their website soon!