In Store Review | January—February | 2017

Rustic rugged role play – Yes you read that right! Cushions, hand knitted with skills, have been the centre of attraction at our flagship store since the time they have been launched. Customers, especially the male market segment have appreciated it and are relating to it more than our skilled house makers, that is, the ladies. They love the fact that something can be rugged and luxurious at the same time. When something shiny and velvety doesn’t go with your space look, then this goes the best. The V:A:N:N Collection serves its purpose at the best and for the best class of people.


This is one question always asked by our visitors. They want to know how many people are there to break stereotypes in their lifestyle and go forward to experiment with things. Till today, I always have had the same thing to say. There is a very niche clientele who is conscious enough to understand the environment they stay in, their own choices and how their actions affect the other people. They are the class of people with a certain sense of responsibility, they are aware of the latest trends the world is going for and then very consciously choose the right story for themselves, which is both trendy and classy. And if I have to frame this briefly, I would say any and every individual who understands sustainability as a concept, surely likes to go for it.


The cushion, since are hand knitted with a very rugged looking yarn, possess a very defined look in terms of their aesthetics. If you are looking at the cushions and this is the question that comes to your mind, then definitely you should ask yourself what is your personal choice of comfort and aesthetics. The latest trend is mix and match everything that you like in not a very disturbing outlook.

Some call this style as the eclectic and I call it a conscious choice. This happens when you like a lot of things but each has a different characteristic.


The traditional art of hand knitting is usually done with wool and it’s similar. But this collection for home textiles is done with cotton yarn to make it purposeful in all seasons and is very low in maintenance. Cotton is a very human friendly material. It has properties which make it stand out in all kinds of weather. Adding this value of cotton to hand knitting process, the result is very appealing since the knots are clearly making patterns and add to the details of the product. And I must say it is beautiful, as beautiful as the art of knitting is, in itself.

You can shop them here-






What is the real meaning of the term, ‘Design Intervention’ ?

As discussed with the lead design team of Peeli Dori, Design Intervention is something which we call as modifying things to allocate them for a better and modern purpose. Rather than innovating completely, you modify and enhance the functional and aesthetic characteristics of a product. It is design intervention.

Peeli Dori offers bespoke design services. They deal with handcrafting techniques of India and therefore use design intervention as the major technique to make crafts or handcrafting techniques more purposeful in the urban scenario.

A creative design is one with functional aesthetics. We consider a collection of Peeli Dori to understand the design process followed by them.


Vann Collection – Deck Pillows and Cushion Covers

Product Realization

The first step which takes place is the analysis of product requirement in the niche market. With time people preferences and habits change. The mode they are following at a certain point of time determines the product that they would readily want to go for. A consumer analysis is done to figure out an oppurtunity area/sector. This determines and indicates major insights for the process ahead. It also gives a fair idea of the product category. This is the stage where maximum research takes place.


Trend Study

After it becomes clear which product category we are dealing with, trend study takes place. The forecast is referred to. In case of the VANN collection, forests and their shades were taken from the trends of 2017 as inspiration. Trends give a lot of detailed information about what people will like in a certain time from now.




The collection now comes down to the conceptualization stage. Every insight till now is put together to form a story and which is then taken as a theme for the final design.

Here the forests were taken as the theme. The colours and the patterns, extracted from forests were put together to create a theme board/inspiration board.




Mood-board is the stage where the look of the product is determined. How the product shall feel like as an end result and what kind of vibes it will give is stated in visual format. The Mood-board of VANN collection states features like minimalism, green shades, geometric and tactile. It gives insights to decide on the design conceptualization.



Design Conceptualization

After the above stages, starts the real design. It is where the real conceptualization happens to form the real design. From the choice of materials to the form and structure, everything is decided and given a real body. How the technique will follow the modern design is the major manifesto of Peeli Dori design team at this stage.

Peeli Dori designs to intervene the roots of the technique used to completely change the look of it as a final outcome.

In VANN collection hand knitting is used to give a tactile service and its a complete new look in terms of knitted products.

The collection will be available on their website soon!

Hot Cocoa on Knits.

“Hot cocoa and fuzzy socks, it’s winters already.”

Winters are here with a whimsical warmth to make you want a cozy and comfy place to dig in yourself. When I say dig in, you literally want to do so, in heavy knits and a hot cup of coffee. A soft seating with a couple of throws can make it sound more tempting and workable.


Knitted Decor

We all follow that heavy lifestyle of shifting from our comfy beds to office chairs and then to magnificent armchairs. It is winters and we look for “cozy comfort” everywhere we sit. Why not have the warmth in our seating. The knitted ottomans and poufs work the best in this scenario.


Why Knits?

Knits are a traditional technique of crafting woolens for winters. They keep you warm and cozy. This technique is now taken to do interiors and the world is loving it!

We find a lot of luxury goods in soft home furnishing to be hand-knitted. This term has a lot of worth in it so it is quite soft to imagine the warmth behind the whole product itself. The biggest trend setters are the hand-knitted poufs to dig in yourself completely.

A window spreading rays of morning sunlight with a warm hot chocolate and a comfy hand-knitted pouf, this is what Peeli Dori describes as Peeli Dori winters. The exclusive collection launched for this style and feel are already out for sale. Each following the colour trend of ‘Midnight Garden’ and how the beautiful flowers emerge out as stunning beauties.  The poufs are similar in their language. The colours will settle the winter blues and make the activities more energetic.

The poufs are like a cup of coffee and will provide the same comfort differently.


Behind the Scenes

The collection is handcrafted by the ladies of Sanghoi Village,Karnal, India. They are skilled with the technique and with a two week training program they were all set to provide the finest of details to Peeli Dori products. The sole owner of these poufs, they are hoping for the best results.

Let’s give them an answer to their hope. Check out the link below and tell us what you feel about the collection.




“Men with style are great because they have a sense of self” 

– Lexa Doig


Hiding behind the screen of a Mac book, an urban man is a phase, getting all decked up with gadgets day by day. With the increasing length of their beards and decreasing length of their pants, they proclaim to acquire a “cool” dignity.

Different personalities with a similar look on the outside, an urban man pursues to be different. He is fast, he is clever, he is smart but he is lazy. His lifestyle is defined by his schedule. He is a man of substance, taking care of everyone but ignoring his own self.

An urban man knows who he is in real, what he wants other than what the main girl in his life wants him to be. A man, who has a typical urban lifestyle of a 9 to 5 job and then an outing at night lets his style reveal his personality.

Peeli Dori has come up with an exclusive menswear collection, a contemporary wardrobe that perfectly adapts to the busy life. The collection is filled with a variety of colours and prints, which are not limited to stripes and checks. We:Chitra, the menswear collection, as the name speaks lets one to stand out in a crowd.

An urban man cannot be categorized. A business meeting, an interview, a presentation, or even a casual hangout, a soiree, there is something for everything. Go crack that deal with We:Chitra.

You can have a look here –



Who is she?

Outgoing and classy, the woman who understands herself, is the Peeli Dori woman. The generation you belong to does not define your attitude, rather it’s the confidence and awareness that you possess, it’s the poise that you have in your style, it’s the fun that you have in while you are being yourself, in your perfect attire for the day.

There are some common complications that one faces in her day to day life, and here are the answers to them, by a Peeli Dori woman.



A great look can actually make your day.

But how do you define that great look for yourself? The definition varies with every individual since every woman on this earth is different with different set of values and understanding. A great look on any one is the real self of her own character. The origin of one can make her define her style, sometimes it is also the environment that makes one develop it. In short a lot of factors related to your personal character and personality are the reason you have a particular style.

And just in case you don’t have a personal style that clearly states that you somewhere lack an understanding of your own self. It is the right time to understand, define your likes and dislikes, get a reason for your actions and then initiate them. Only that can help you develop a personal style that you will feel comfortable in.

What should I wear today?

This is one question that will hover over your mind every morning when you are getting dressed for office and every time there is a special occasion that you have to attend. Wardrobe is filled of variety of clothes and is still empty. This is the feeling that every woman has come across at least once in the seven days of a week.

How to decide what to wear can only be answered when you know what looks good on you and not only the fact ‘what looks good to you’. The statement has a meaning to be understood deeply enough and it can surely turn around the way you dress up.

Awareness can be the next thing that is important and plays a major role in this process. You should be aware of what the trends are in, how and what kind of clothes are required to enhance your personality and which brands go along with the same. Going for something which is decent, smart and ‘in-trend’ is always the best idea. Mix and match some ethnics with a pair of denims and maybe a basic tee-top with a nice flared pant. It will give you that perfect look you aspire for.

Where can I wear ethnic?

The answer to this would be, ‘anywhere’. Yes, if the teaming up is rightly done, any nice bright kurta can make you look stunning even in an evening party. Wearing things the right way is the key. For this, one can look at a lot of styling options available online these days. They can be of great help. Best is to go for a modern silhouette in an ethnic style.

Understand the reason of your purchase.

We usually have a habit of buying things randomly without even thinking about the impact of that purchase. An action of purchasing something is not just related to your bank balance; rather it has a lot of other things which are being affected. One is the very aspect of where is it coming from, how is it made, why is it made that way, everything takes its place on the list.

So, think and analyse before you buy, because everything is an investment for you and if it is not, then don’t buy it.

Peeli Dori offers an exclusive collection for such a woman who is aware, and understands her style statement. She believes in her real-self and her simplicity. She is a modern woman with sustainable actions.



A Modern Woman.

“I can openly talk about sex, and still have the conscience to decide smartly, which is worth experiencing it with. My words might have an influence of western vocabulary, but the thoughts behind them are still authentic to my traditions”.

With this very powerful statement, Miss Ishita Bajaj, takes all my bias towards her while interviewing her. A very strong yet elegant personality, with finely eye lined eyes, gracefully blinked after completing every statement. We started with a casual discussion about her lifestyle and her choices meanwhile also understanding her reasons of doing and adapting the same.

What her as a subject of interview is the question that might arise here?

She because,

…………She has a sense of power in her dressing, in her thoughts that captures minds instantly that make one halt and know about her.

………….. She defines herself as a modern woman by her actions and her re-actions.

………….. She is successful because of being in love with herself as a person.

As we moved forward with the interview, I asked her about ‘What inspires her to be a personality of such nature?’

To which she says, “My upbringing has always taught me generosity and made me capable enough to have a sensitive attitude towards my environment. I always feel and talk about a positive step towards life and what to contribute for the same in whosoever is related to me in any manner. So for instance, if I go and buy a nice pair of shoes for myself, that would make me happy and also if the same action can add a hint of smile in somebody else’s life maybe the artisans who have generously crafted that pair.”

Her concerns towards her actions and how they would in turn affect the society make her class apart.

‘What is that one thing that comes on your regular buying list?’

“For this I would say there are a couple of skin care products that I buy regularly. Being very careful with myself I go for things I am very sure would work. Most of them are organic and herbal products, since I know they will be friendly to my skin. All of these are easy on my pocket to make me invest in a good range for the best I can offer to my skin.”

‘Why and how do you define yourself as a conscious buyer?’

“I would want to start with a short example here. While in my working hours, whenever I have this urge for a nice hot tea for refreshment, I ask my office pantry guy to get me some from the street side stall. There being a reason for this, I would want to explain. The essence and authenticity they have on the flavour, no one can capture. Now in this case I make sure that I go for the one who serves in a kulhad (earthen cup) and not in a plastic cup.

I think I have made my point.”

‘Who do you think is your role-model for life?’

“My role-model for life are my own values. You would think that I am self-obsessed and yes I am because I am very confident of the values and the attitude of life that I follow and pursue.”

How inspiring that answer was!

‘What influences your buying habits?

“There are a lot of factors which influence the same. The latest trend that I constantly scroll down on my instagram is a huge influence. Then, obviously the budget I can spare for the activity also matters a lot. Another important aspect I always take care of is, from where my product is coming. How it will behave with my body or environment, if I invest in it. Other than that I always take care of possessing an exclusive collection with me.”

‘’Can you name some of your favourite brands’

“I don’t have very fancy brands in my favourites, rather the ones which are very authentic to their roots. They are: Anokhi, Bombay pasely, FabIndia and in the product sector I would say Goodearth, since they define Indian aesthetics in a very beautiful manner.”

‘What is your take on the brand Peeli Dori?’

“It is already on the way to have a place in my favourites list. Peeli Dori has a fantastic take on modern aesthetics with easy reach-ability through their online presence. Their products convey how rich our roots are and how beautiful a common craft can be. The products add on to the customer’s happiness.”






Chiseling Their Livelihood- Wood Carving | Raw Revivals

Residing in all parts of the nation, wood carving is a craft which is like a plant with flowers of various kinds. Each state has its own version of it and yet maintains its individual identity. This  intricate art is acquired in the skills of people practising it with one common aspect which is determination and hard work.

The art of making patterns and motifs is since the Mughal period. Intricate chests and furniture wooden pieces were made for the royals. Since then, it serves luxury both in India and overseas. This renowned technique has made its own niche in the industry and is conclusive of major part of the furniture industry. While sheesham is the most widely used type of wood, mango, teak, rosewood, ebony, sandalwood, walnut and deodar are also used. Intricately carved wooden pillars and doorways can be found in temples and palaces across the country. With royal patronage being replaced by market dynamics, wood carving is now mostly found in functional articles like furniture, bowls, boxes, lamp stands, etc.

Completely hand done, this technique requires a lot of patience to chisel out the motif from the wooden block and make the aesthetics coincide with luxury. Designs are first made on paper, and transferred onto the wood using ink. These are then carved using a variety of chisels. The article is finished by buffing in order to bring out the shine of the wood. This is usually done with the help of a lathe mechanism.

Its roots reaching out to various parts of the country which include:

Rajasthan: Bassi – carved figures, wooden shrines; Pipar, Bhari Sajanpur – bowls

Jammu & Kashmir: carved walnut wood utility and decorative items – bowls, trays, jewellery boxes, screens, tables, cupboards

Uttar Pradesh: Sahranpur – screens, folding tables, trays, bowls, boxes; Pilkhuwa, Farukkabad – printing blocks

Intricate jaalis and motifs, derived from the influences of the ancient architecture, is one major context of export from the country. Many international brands have their wood carving units in India. It is one craft which is contributing to the Indian economy and creating an impact.

Peeli Dori attempts to give this flourishing craft a contemporary face to get it in tune with today’s lifestyle.


Credits: Niharika Choudhary