A Modern Woman.

“I can openly talk about sex, and still have the conscience to decide smartly, which is worth experiencing it with. My words might have an influence of western vocabulary, but the thoughts behind them are still authentic to my traditions”.

With this very powerful statement, Miss Ishita Bajaj, takes all my bias towards her while interviewing her. A very strong yet elegant personality, with finely eye lined eyes, gracefully blinked after completing every statement. We started with a casual discussion about her lifestyle and her choices meanwhile also understanding her reasons of doing and adapting the same.

What her as a subject of interview is the question that might arise here?

She because,

…………She has a sense of power in her dressing, in her thoughts that captures minds instantly that make one halt and know about her.

………….. She defines herself as a modern woman by her actions and her re-actions.

………….. She is successful because of being in love with herself as a person.

As we moved forward with the interview, I asked her about ‘What inspires her to be a personality of such nature?’

To which she says, “My upbringing has always taught me generosity and made me capable enough to have a sensitive attitude towards my environment. I always feel and talk about a positive step towards life and what to contribute for the same in whosoever is related to me in any manner. So for instance, if I go and buy a nice pair of shoes for myself, that would make me happy and also if the same action can add a hint of smile in somebody else’s life maybe the artisans who have generously crafted that pair.”

Her concerns towards her actions and how they would in turn affect the society make her class apart.

‘What is that one thing that comes on your regular buying list?’

“For this I would say there are a couple of skin care products that I buy regularly. Being very careful with myself I go for things I am very sure would work. Most of them are organic and herbal products, since I know they will be friendly to my skin. All of these are easy on my pocket to make me invest in a good range for the best I can offer to my skin.”

‘Why and how do you define yourself as a conscious buyer?’

“I would want to start with a short example here. While in my working hours, whenever I have this urge for a nice hot tea for refreshment, I ask my office pantry guy to get me some from the street side stall. There being a reason for this, I would want to explain. The essence and authenticity they have on the flavour, no one can capture. Now in this case I make sure that I go for the one who serves in a kulhad (earthen cup) and not in a plastic cup.

I think I have made my point.”

‘Who do you think is your role-model for life?’

“My role-model for life are my own values. You would think that I am self-obsessed and yes I am because I am very confident of the values and the attitude of life that I follow and pursue.”

How inspiring that answer was!

‘What influences your buying habits?

“There are a lot of factors which influence the same. The latest trend that I constantly scroll down on my instagram is a huge influence. Then, obviously the budget I can spare for the activity also matters a lot. Another important aspect I always take care of is, from where my product is coming. How it will behave with my body or environment, if I invest in it. Other than that I always take care of possessing an exclusive collection with me.”

‘’Can you name some of your favourite brands’

“I don’t have very fancy brands in my favourites, rather the ones which are very authentic to their roots. They are: Anokhi, Bombay pasely, FabIndia and in the product sector I would say Goodearth, since they define Indian aesthetics in a very beautiful manner.”

‘What is your take on the brand Peeli Dori?’

“It is already on the way to have a place in my favourites list. Peeli Dori has a fantastic take on modern aesthetics with easy reach-ability through their online presence. Their products convey how rich our roots are and how beautiful a common craft can be. The products add on to the customer’s happiness.”