The Urban Chai.

I like the pause that tea allows- Waris Ahluwalia

Tea is a tradition in India where it is rhymed with a warm welcome. It’s a member in every little household and is a dirk for every class, caste and creed. It unites us together and brings the country on one platform, India the land of Tea.

Accompanying the diversity of Indian cultural heritage and vast variety in thoughts and taste, tea here is available in various forms, flavours and colours. It’s one drink made for everyone. People find ways to customize it according to their taste. It’s available everywhere, on the streets, on highways, in hotels and restaurants.

The authentic way of Indian tea serving is in Mitti Kulhads. It has been the same, since years and people still cherish the idea of tea being served in that manner. It gives an authentic edge to it, something that’s value in the urban scenario. A wide variety of restaurants and café’s with just tea as their main product are running in a good pace and attracting a lot of customers. One of finest examples of this is the Tapri cafe in Jaipur and Chaayos, in New Delhi.

Various flavours of tea are available, like herbal tea, flavoured tea, masala tea, green tea and the list will go on. It is an idea these days to curate various flavours of these and maybe present them to your loved ones.

Keep in mind when you gift such an authentic heritage, the packaging should not go wrong. Visit Peeli Dori and write to us for ideas on these.


Cherish the Indian culture of tea on a cold morning, in middle of a highway or just curate some flavours to compile an exciting gift season of festivals.

Gift values with Peeli Dori.


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