The Art of Shoe Making – Raw Revivals

How far have we reached with our modern minds and left behind an art of crafting.

The art will not be passed to the next generation.

Where will it go?

 Die just like that?


The value of Indian crafts and skills has undoubtedly reached all the shores. What takes it back in India is the dignity that we assign to these artisans. They are the most precious pearls in the collection of Indian society, but sadly only a few are left.

One such story of a dying skill lies in a corner of New Delhi. On one hand the city is flourishing with

contemporary aesthetics and lifestyle and on the other, there are still some communities left with the craft cultural heritage, which is not being passed to the next generation. This fact is heart-breaking for the urban- sector, in the sense that now it will be more difficult for them to reach out for exclusive products with handmade aesthetics and quality.

The skills of Indian crafts are not booming with success, due to unawareness amongst the craftsmen. A story to justify the above statement was experienced by Peeli Dori a few days back.

It was in Karol Bagh, where these craftsmen reside. They are the local shoe-makers and finely handcraft them with leather and fabric. Their art of constructing a shoe is striking. One artisan crafts one pair of shoes in a day and the fine details that are visible, justifies it all. In search of these craftsmen , we visited a couple of households and shops. Everybody had a beautiful example to demonstrate their art but neither had a vision to expand it.

In conversation with an artisan, we got to know that he was content with whatever little earning he had. He looked forward to shut down his business and see his children well settled in a job fetching him a handsome income.

It was truly heart-breaking for a shoe lover like me. Rest of the artisans had a similar response. They did not see potential in their own art. But I, when completely understand the rare craftsmanship that they possess say, no monetary values shall stop me to buy an exclusive pair of shoes, handcrafted with skills, by an artisan like one of them. It will be the most cherished piece in my wardrobe.

What is it that an Italian designer will make you pay the cost of your life, for that one pair of shoe?

It is the design and the fine craftsmanship behind it. Italians celebrate their art of crafting and the organised setup helps them do so. They conquer the industry of lifestyle and fashion trends and ironically, China is the largest consumer of their products.

This fact makes us realise the potential of skills we have in our own mother-land, and nothing takes back to say that if money, were to be replaced with skills , India would have been the richest country on earth.

We at Peeli Dori are helping these artisans to realise that the world is craving for their skills. Adding a little contribution of modern design and trends, we get these skills on a convenient platform for our customers to add these values to their lifestyle.

Have the luxury of handcrafted lifestyle at Peeli Dori.


CLUSTER- Leather cluster

LOCATION- Karol Bagh, New Delhi

SKILL- Shoe making

CATEGORIES- Mojiries, Leather boots, and formal shoes

PROBLEM- Limited market and knowledge to expand and realise their own potential

MATERIAL- Leather and fabric









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