5 Unique Gifting Brands That Give Back.

What can one think of as the best gifting idea to really show that you care. Gifts for a cause and socially conscious gift giving demonstrates that you’ve really thought about the gift and went the extra mile to find a unique, socially conscious gift. What do we mean by socially conscious here is when you buy a product, you render a whole community with colours of happiness along with the one you are gifting it to. It connects emotionally with every stage it crosses through.

For the socially conscious, holiday shopping becomes a series of small agonies. We wonder who made the tchotchke we’re contemplating, and how long it will take before it ends up as landfill, where it will sit for—5? 500?—years until it decomposes. We think about the endless Möbius loop of consumerism and whom it helps, and whom it hurts. We wonder if the social, economic and environmental impact of our buying act will eclipse the joy of giving and receiving it. Frankly, it’s exhausting! But thankfully, there are manufacturers out there who have taken these issues to heart and offer gifts that promote what the season is really all about: helping others.

Here are some of them.



Upasana Studio

Upasana Studio is a socially responsible fashion brand based in South India. Its founder, Uma Prajapati built the business on principles that consider the bigger picture of design – from the product life cycle to the wellbeing of the people creating the products. The brand is a fairtrade practice that is committed to zero waste production, which involves using indigenous cottons, upcycling and natural dyeing.

Link- http://www.upasana.in/



No Nasties

No Nasties is a proactive organic fashion brand that aims to pave the way for an ethical fashion movement in India by fronting the establishment of fairtrade communities. The brand produces 100 per cent organic, cotton clothing for men and women through an entirely green process, which includes handpicking the cotton and an eco-friendly production system.

Link- http://www.nonasties.in/



Metaphor Racha

Bangalore-based brand Metaphor Racha creates all its products, from sarees and tunics to bags and stoles, out of Khadi – a locally-produced cloth, spun and woven entirely by hand. The brand provides sustainable work for Khadi artisans who carefully create the garments with hardly any carbon footprint.

Link- https://www.facebook.com/metaphor-racha-148704595236159/




The brand Behno is making a difference and setting an example for current and future fashion labels. Garment workers at its factory in India (MSA Ethos) work in clean and safe conditions unlike many other factory workers in the country. In face the New York based label Behno, whose founder, Shivam Punjya, owns a stake in the factory. Factory workers and garment designers at MSA Ethos are involved with various processes in the designing and production of the clothes – working side by side with designers and employees of Behno.

Link- http://behno.com/



Peeli Dori

Inspired from these stories, Peeli dori is a contemporary brand upholding the essence of Indian traditions and skills. The fine handcrafted products are a thread between the Indian raw living and High-end voguish lifestyle. Looking for life under the small shelters the idea is to re-paint the vanishing and hidden craft skills. Peeli Dori is making a difference in the commercial market by making the hand based skills meet the demand in the urban market by linking the craftsmen of Indian online and showcasing their skills with contemporary design aesthetics.

Link- http://peelidori.com/

If the idea is to go for a product which is authentic to the skill based in India and fits into the Morden lifestyle. Peeli Dori is where you can conveniently look for a product to suit any of your modern needs while being a smart and conscious buyer.



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