Throwing a form of life – Raw Revivals

Drawing a livelihood with clay, this pottery craft cluster in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, has its own corner of creativity. The colourful bells and planters hung outside their little shops do not really define how their own life has just one colour left and that is the colour of clay.

From the shop leading a way inside a house, a lane followed us which was full of residues from the throwing wheel. A middle-aged man was busy throwing cylindrical shapes without realising what’s going around. We entered his house and a lady welcomed us. She wanted to know our introduction and we delivered the same. The man was still not concerned and remained busy with what he was doing. He had a passion for his work, and moreover the only source of his income. His wife told us about how the family grew with the same business from a little hut to a concrete house. Started in 1964, the business was passed on to them from 3 generations and the revenue they got out of so much investment was not even half. They just somehow manage to sustain a below average livelihood.

So many challenges and obstacles, still the family had a positive hope to carry on. They, without realising the potential of their skill in the market, are limited in their little corner.

The Pottery craft cluster in this corner of Delhi is worth the attention. The technique of crafting various forms out of clay and then baking the same in the most sustainable manner gives this technique an edge over industrialised products. The touch of a hand full of experience makes it deserve a corner in your lifestyle.


  • Clay is finely mixed with water to make soft dough, taking care that no air bubble is left.
  • Using a throwing wheel, the clay is thrown into various shapes, holding the circular motion of the clay with hands and at the same time giving dimensions to the same.
  • The form is them refined with hands to make the desired product.
  • The product is now left to dry in low heat, taking care that it does not crack.
  • Finally, baking takes place, if required.



The skill required for this technique is highly a form of expertise. The art of throwing on a wheel is practised in families from generations and acquired after a lot of practise. It is one form of crafting that no machine or industry can achieve in the process of mass production. The skill gives an advantage that each piece drawn can be customised into a desired form or shape.



The technique has a potential to create hard-goods for modern lifestyle. Being highly sustainable, this process does not harm the environment in any form and uses renewable materials. The products made using this technique and material does not require heavy maintenance and are easy on packets.

Variations in the same technique are practised all over India as red clay craft, Ceramic pottery, Black pottery etc.

The idea is to visualize the potential of each as a technique and develop them using modern standards of product design.

Peeli dori is getting these techniques for you on a convenient platform, wherein anyone can have their customised product buy just filling up simple details of their requirements. Other than that, a variety of designer lifestyle products using these techniques are also available online for sale.

So buy consciously and buy smart, with Peeli Dori.





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