‘’Hare Rama Hare Krishna’’

Senses overwhelmed with enchantments of Lord Krishna. Everyone in the magnificent premises of the Iscon temple  was celebrating his birthday. Excitement seemed to fill every niche and corner of the place. A long queue from the entrance took its way to the temple and then leading people towards the exit.  Today at the Iscon temple, a very planned and full of spiritual energy took place. Thousands of people participated with utmost happiness and enthusiasm.



Vibrant and festive are the two major keywords that we can relate the whole décor of the place to. Colourful matkas and dandelions with floral arrangements were hung from the ceilings. The colours were as bright as pink with orange. It’s India’s most festive and cheerful colour combination. Fragrance of jasmine aroused the spiritual feeling in every soul present there. The birthday was being celebrated with a lavish décor and traditional rituals. It had a feeling of energy but at the same time gave peace to the eyes, mind and soul.



The dress code today at Iscon was very prominent with lehanga choli. Every female wants to be Krishna’s Gopi and celebrate his birthday with utmost indulgence. From little girls to older ladies, vibrant colours and traditional attire was seen. The members of Iscon were clearly distinguishable with the white attire and chandan tikka.

The centre of attraction were little kids dressed up as Lord Krishna and looking as adorable as he himself would have looked in his childhood.



The Party at Iscon was as fun as it was commercial. People take out ways of business at such places. Involvement of the crowd is what makes them do so. Ample number of stalls and volunteers selling books and services could be seen. The new concept of a game show named ‘Koun banega Krishna devotee’, was fascinating to watch. People were participating with pleasure and enthusiasm



The most awaited part of any birthday celebration is the food menu. Very tempting delicacies were offered as the ‘Varat Thali’ and in form of Prasad which consisted of fried potatoes with nuts. Specially made in consideration with People who are fasting on this day to celebrate the happiness of the Lord’s birthday, the food was delicious.



Celebrations for the day were full of spiritual energy in thoughts of Krishna. Everyone was uttering his name with every alternate breath and remembering him to attain peace. Some were busy serving him by volunteering at the event and some were busy visiting his place with a lot of wishes, expectations and thankfulness.


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