8 Gift Ideas to try this Rakhi.

Do you know that you hold a place in my heart that could be filled by no one else?

There have been good times and a few fights, maybe because in many ways we are too much alike. I have never said it much as somehow the time or mood never seemed right or perhaps there is something in me that keeps me from saying it to your face as much as I should, but regardless I want you to know that I love you.

Our journey through life may take us apart but it will not matter as neither distance nor time will dull that which is between us. You are my brother because of blood you are my friend because of love.


Such is the charm of a brother sister relationship. This Raksha bandhan adorns every emotion, every feeling you share with your siblings. On this auspicious day, marked significantly on the calendar by Indian traditions, the give and take of gifts and blessings, continues.

With the emotion of the festival intact, what this generation is exchanging as gifts is interesting to know.

With technology and ‘social media’ this generation is all about how new and creative one can be with your gifts. What is that one thing your sister would want to put up on her instagram feed as ‘Rakhi gift’.

It  is proved to be a mental exercise for a brother to decide on one most relevant gift for her sister. After all when we talk about gifts, it is not just about a tangible piece of product, it is about how the gift can actually convey your feelings, your emotions to your loved one. It is important for anyone to connect with a product or gift idea, on an emotional level to have the involvement.

Gifting Values and feelings is the new cool for the generation and here are some ways they are doing it.





It’s the most convenient need of the hour, when you know that your sister loves shopping but not sure about her choices in terms of clothes and accessories. A lot of options are available for this category. You can gift a shopping voucher for almost any brand or retail outlet. It’s the most sorted form of gift idea where the receiver has all the freedom to opt for whatever he/she wants to.

Visit https://goo.gl/vAwzN0 to shop shopping vouchers.






A variety that cannot be seen in physical is available online. It’s the most convenient form of shopping in today’s time. If you are one of those brothers who lacks time to actually go to a store and buy things, you can very conveniently buy online and get it delivered to the address where you want it to reach. It’s the best option available if your siblings are out of town and you want to send them a gift. Just buy and deliver in one click.

Visit http://www.yepme.com/?sCatId=2 and save your time.






If you have a travel loving sister this can prove out to be the best option, in your case. Many Applications and websites are offering these services wherein they provide a complete package suiting to all kind of pockets and all kind of travellers. Book an exciting holiday package now for your sister and be sure that she would completely love the surprise. Here the gift won’t be just a holiday but also a feeling of independence that you would gift her.

Visit https://goo.gl/wDrmRW to book one right now!







This is a very nice way of gifting good health to your lovely sister. Make her run even if she doesn’t wants and if not today but in sometime she would surely thank you for this gift. If your gift can make your sister hit the gym every day, it won’t be a bad investment.

Visit https://goo.gl/Tu0vCh for the fitness freak.





Get something exclusively designed and made for your sister. She will love your care and your thought about doing so specially for her. Every human being likes the idea of getting time from someone. That the only thing that does not have any monetary value. Buy this she will get to know that you actually took out time for her, thought about her gift, and presented her with love and care on this Rakhi.

Visit http://www.peelidori.com to fulfil your sister’s wish of a personalised gift.






This gift can actually bring an instant smile on your sister’s face. Give her a pampering session in a nice salon and she would be ready to take off to enjoy the experience.

Visit https://lakmesalon.woohoo.in/e-gift-card to gift her what she loves.






These are the need of the hour and everybody readily accepts. So if you are not very sure of what your sister would like to have give her a nice mobile phone, a kindle for instance. An I-phone for any girl is always a good idea if suits your pocket.

Visit http://www.gadgetsguru.in/ for your tech savvy sister.



trkint design 1 (1).jpg

This is one another out of the box idea to gift this Rakhi. Gift a Handcrafted Trinket box from’ peeli Dori’ and give her values of love and care. Hide messages for her in sweet chocolate wrapers and fille up up the trinket box with memories. She would always love to keep that with her and store her precious jewellery piece in it.

Visit http://peelidori.com/products/trinket-box1 to shop this beauty.


With these ideas cherish the fact of having a sister and exchange gifts filled with love, care and compassion. Peeli Dori wishes a very happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you.












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