She Has the Power.

‘Participate in your dreams today. There are unlimited opportunities available with this new day. Take action on those wonderful dreams you have had in your mind for so long. Remember, success is something you experience when you act accordingly”.

-Steve Maraboli

A morning filled with colours of optimism took us for a ride. We were to head for a meeting scheduled for the day. Our unslept eyes striving hard to keep awake and the blood in our nerves cribbing for caffeine. After a hand full of surprises and a refreshing ‘Chai’ in the Gurudwara , its was exactly six in the morning, and we were ready to take our day forward. Peeli Dori was going to meet a couple of self-help groups Near Karnal, Haryana. They were a part of the’ Arpana trust’ based in Karnal and now was the time for our first meeting regarding our collaboration with them.

We boarded our Car and took a deep breath for the journey ahead. It was a very positive feel that surrounded us throughout our way. The driver introduced us to the background of ‘Arpana ‘as a trust. He being very generous to, took a halt for refreshments. It was a dhaba in the middle of the highway. The Raw essence of Chai in kulhads and the food that can compel your stomach to feel hungry was something that filled colours to our imagination. We could not help but infer it to be the real beauty of Indian culture other than the heavily carved and opulent architectural heritage. Besides the royals there was a part of Indian culture which was unfinished and pure. It had taken a new face but is still there with the same fragrance and aura. It’s India unadulterated.

All the fatigue had seemed to vanish till the time we reached our destination. A very warm welcome awaited us by the owner of The trust,’Arpana’. She was a generous lady with lines of experiences clearly visible on her face. They made her look more elegant. She offered us a delightful breakfast and briefed us on how and what all will we be doing for the day. We were to visit three groups in three different villages. The villages were nearby but disconnected to the township.

Narrow roads took their way to the villages crossing green fields of rice. We reached the first village, and trust my words; we could actually smell the raw details. It ignited happiness in our sleep deprived eyes. A thought that I always used to have, only places like these can pay attention to details, it’s here, where values can be captured into a product, here where exclusive luxury can be crafted. That thought took a visual form.

We were there to look for fine craftsmanship and collaborate with these unreached and unexplored places of potential. It was mesmerising to see so many interested souls to collaborate with us to move forward on the path of independence.

Only we being the soul of feminism can understand what it means to be independent. Hopes and dreams took their seats besides our idea to get these women out and get them recognition for the work they do. It was an idea to give them all the power. They were to be the future entrepreneurs and were given the decisive power to say ‘Yes’ OR ‘No’ for any action.


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