A Monsoon Highlight.

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a light drizzle was slowly taking its course into a heavy downpour. I could enjoy only a minute of solace, when I received a phone call. The speaker hurriedly exclaimed and asked me to come and collect the deliverables he was expected to give to me that evening. The phone call lasted for not more than twenty seconds. I did not even get a chance to say “Okay” in response. So, there I was, with the phone in my hand, trying to assess what had happened. I got myself to dress and left for the place of exchange.

It was raining heavily. I boarded an auto with a very negative thought hovering over my mind, the thought of not being able to enjoy the beautiful weather and that I was stuck amidst all the traffic and pollution. The auto driver had a rather cheerful approach towards the same situation. He started talking about his family and himself from nowhere. I wondered the need for him to do so. At first I was not showing any interest in his one sided conversation, but he managed to conciliate my interest.

He went from one thing to another, about how the rains had forced him to move to a new house, and how he was trying to meet the needs of his family. Although I had no input in the conversation, verbally, he was pleased to know that I was paying showing attention. This encouraged him to talk his heart out further.  He was looking at the world from a whole new perspective, one that was very different from yours or mine. He even told me how the rains made it easier for him to perform his job better and more willingly, after all the rains had ceased the hot, sultry summers.

The ride had taken almost double the time it would have taken if there were no traffic. I collected my belongings from the “twenty second phone call man” and as I was sitting in the auto again, the auto driver politely asked me, dazed, “Bas itna sa hi kaam tha madam?” (Was this the work that had to be done? ). Before I could respond, he came up with the answer that said, “Karna padta hai na madam..” (It is necessary sometimes).

We both smiled. The ride back home was accompanied by his life stories. I managed to take part too. I paid him his fare and said a brief thanks to which he replied with a genuine smile.

There are many such people like this auto driver, who do not have much in life when it comes to monetary satisfaction, but what they do have in abundance is their ever yellow positivity. They spread joy without even knowing it.

This is another attempt by Peeli Dori to showcase the raw details of the country that are an epitome of good vibes. We, at Peeli Dori, want to share a piece of this positivity through such tales.  Feel their yellow with us.


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