Throwing a form of life – Raw Revivals

Drawing a livelihood with clay, this pottery craft cluster in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, has its own corner of creativity. The colourful bells and planters hung outside their little shops do not really define how their own life has just one colour left and that is the colour of clay.

From the shop leading a way inside a house, a lane followed us which was full of residues from the throwing wheel. A middle-aged man was busy throwing cylindrical shapes without realising what’s going around. We entered his house and a lady welcomed us. She wanted to know our introduction and we delivered the same. The man was still not concerned and remained busy with what he was doing. He had a passion for his work, and moreover the only source of his income. His wife told us about how the family grew with the same business from a little hut to a concrete house. Started in 1964, the business was passed on to them from 3 generations and the revenue they got out of so much investment was not even half. They just somehow manage to sustain a below average livelihood.

So many challenges and obstacles, still the family had a positive hope to carry on. They, without realising the potential of their skill in the market, are limited in their little corner.

The Pottery craft cluster in this corner of Delhi is worth the attention. The technique of crafting various forms out of clay and then baking the same in the most sustainable manner gives this technique an edge over industrialised products. The touch of a hand full of experience makes it deserve a corner in your lifestyle.


  • Clay is finely mixed with water to make soft dough, taking care that no air bubble is left.
  • Using a throwing wheel, the clay is thrown into various shapes, holding the circular motion of the clay with hands and at the same time giving dimensions to the same.
  • The form is them refined with hands to make the desired product.
  • The product is now left to dry in low heat, taking care that it does not crack.
  • Finally, baking takes place, if required.



The skill required for this technique is highly a form of expertise. The art of throwing on a wheel is practised in families from generations and acquired after a lot of practise. It is one form of crafting that no machine or industry can achieve in the process of mass production. The skill gives an advantage that each piece drawn can be customised into a desired form or shape.



The technique has a potential to create hard-goods for modern lifestyle. Being highly sustainable, this process does not harm the environment in any form and uses renewable materials. The products made using this technique and material does not require heavy maintenance and are easy on packets.

Variations in the same technique are practised all over India as red clay craft, Ceramic pottery, Black pottery etc.

The idea is to visualize the potential of each as a technique and develop them using modern standards of product design.

Peeli dori is getting these techniques for you on a convenient platform, wherein anyone can have their customised product buy just filling up simple details of their requirements. Other than that, a variety of designer lifestyle products using these techniques are also available online for sale.

So buy consciously and buy smart, with Peeli Dori.





‘’Hare Rama Hare Krishna’’

Senses overwhelmed with enchantments of Lord Krishna. Everyone in the magnificent premises of the Iscon temple  was celebrating his birthday. Excitement seemed to fill every niche and corner of the place. A long queue from the entrance took its way to the temple and then leading people towards the exit.  Today at the Iscon temple, a very planned and full of spiritual energy took place. Thousands of people participated with utmost happiness and enthusiasm.



Vibrant and festive are the two major keywords that we can relate the whole décor of the place to. Colourful matkas and dandelions with floral arrangements were hung from the ceilings. The colours were as bright as pink with orange. It’s India’s most festive and cheerful colour combination. Fragrance of jasmine aroused the spiritual feeling in every soul present there. The birthday was being celebrated with a lavish décor and traditional rituals. It had a feeling of energy but at the same time gave peace to the eyes, mind and soul.



The dress code today at Iscon was very prominent with lehanga choli. Every female wants to be Krishna’s Gopi and celebrate his birthday with utmost indulgence. From little girls to older ladies, vibrant colours and traditional attire was seen. The members of Iscon were clearly distinguishable with the white attire and chandan tikka.

The centre of attraction were little kids dressed up as Lord Krishna and looking as adorable as he himself would have looked in his childhood.



The Party at Iscon was as fun as it was commercial. People take out ways of business at such places. Involvement of the crowd is what makes them do so. Ample number of stalls and volunteers selling books and services could be seen. The new concept of a game show named ‘Koun banega Krishna devotee’, was fascinating to watch. People were participating with pleasure and enthusiasm



The most awaited part of any birthday celebration is the food menu. Very tempting delicacies were offered as the ‘Varat Thali’ and in form of Prasad which consisted of fried potatoes with nuts. Specially made in consideration with People who are fasting on this day to celebrate the happiness of the Lord’s birthday, the food was delicious.



Celebrations for the day were full of spiritual energy in thoughts of Krishna. Everyone was uttering his name with every alternate breath and remembering him to attain peace. Some were busy serving him by volunteering at the event and some were busy visiting his place with a lot of wishes, expectations and thankfulness.

8 Gift Ideas to try this Rakhi.

Do you know that you hold a place in my heart that could be filled by no one else?

There have been good times and a few fights, maybe because in many ways we are too much alike. I have never said it much as somehow the time or mood never seemed right or perhaps there is something in me that keeps me from saying it to your face as much as I should, but regardless I want you to know that I love you.

Our journey through life may take us apart but it will not matter as neither distance nor time will dull that which is between us. You are my brother because of blood you are my friend because of love.


Such is the charm of a brother sister relationship. This Raksha bandhan adorns every emotion, every feeling you share with your siblings. On this auspicious day, marked significantly on the calendar by Indian traditions, the give and take of gifts and blessings, continues.

With the emotion of the festival intact, what this generation is exchanging as gifts is interesting to know.

With technology and ‘social media’ this generation is all about how new and creative one can be with your gifts. What is that one thing your sister would want to put up on her instagram feed as ‘Rakhi gift’.

It  is proved to be a mental exercise for a brother to decide on one most relevant gift for her sister. After all when we talk about gifts, it is not just about a tangible piece of product, it is about how the gift can actually convey your feelings, your emotions to your loved one. It is important for anyone to connect with a product or gift idea, on an emotional level to have the involvement.

Gifting Values and feelings is the new cool for the generation and here are some ways they are doing it.





It’s the most convenient need of the hour, when you know that your sister loves shopping but not sure about her choices in terms of clothes and accessories. A lot of options are available for this category. You can gift a shopping voucher for almost any brand or retail outlet. It’s the most sorted form of gift idea where the receiver has all the freedom to opt for whatever he/she wants to.

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A variety that cannot be seen in physical is available online. It’s the most convenient form of shopping in today’s time. If you are one of those brothers who lacks time to actually go to a store and buy things, you can very conveniently buy online and get it delivered to the address where you want it to reach. It’s the best option available if your siblings are out of town and you want to send them a gift. Just buy and deliver in one click.

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If you have a travel loving sister this can prove out to be the best option, in your case. Many Applications and websites are offering these services wherein they provide a complete package suiting to all kind of pockets and all kind of travellers. Book an exciting holiday package now for your sister and be sure that she would completely love the surprise. Here the gift won’t be just a holiday but also a feeling of independence that you would gift her.

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This is a very nice way of gifting good health to your lovely sister. Make her run even if she doesn’t wants and if not today but in sometime she would surely thank you for this gift. If your gift can make your sister hit the gym every day, it won’t be a bad investment.

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Get something exclusively designed and made for your sister. She will love your care and your thought about doing so specially for her. Every human being likes the idea of getting time from someone. That the only thing that does not have any monetary value. Buy this she will get to know that you actually took out time for her, thought about her gift, and presented her with love and care on this Rakhi.

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This gift can actually bring an instant smile on your sister’s face. Give her a pampering session in a nice salon and she would be ready to take off to enjoy the experience.

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These are the need of the hour and everybody readily accepts. So if you are not very sure of what your sister would like to have give her a nice mobile phone, a kindle for instance. An I-phone for any girl is always a good idea if suits your pocket.

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trkint design 1 (1).jpg

This is one another out of the box idea to gift this Rakhi. Gift a Handcrafted Trinket box from’ peeli Dori’ and give her values of love and care. Hide messages for her in sweet chocolate wrapers and fille up up the trinket box with memories. She would always love to keep that with her and store her precious jewellery piece in it.

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With these ideas cherish the fact of having a sister and exchange gifts filled with love, care and compassion. Peeli Dori wishes a very happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you.











She Has the Power.

‘Participate in your dreams today. There are unlimited opportunities available with this new day. Take action on those wonderful dreams you have had in your mind for so long. Remember, success is something you experience when you act accordingly”.

-Steve Maraboli

A morning filled with colours of optimism took us for a ride. We were to head for a meeting scheduled for the day. Our unslept eyes striving hard to keep awake and the blood in our nerves cribbing for caffeine. After a hand full of surprises and a refreshing ‘Chai’ in the Gurudwara , its was exactly six in the morning, and we were ready to take our day forward. Peeli Dori was going to meet a couple of self-help groups Near Karnal, Haryana. They were a part of the’ Arpana trust’ based in Karnal and now was the time for our first meeting regarding our collaboration with them.

We boarded our Car and took a deep breath for the journey ahead. It was a very positive feel that surrounded us throughout our way. The driver introduced us to the background of ‘Arpana ‘as a trust. He being very generous to, took a halt for refreshments. It was a dhaba in the middle of the highway. The Raw essence of Chai in kulhads and the food that can compel your stomach to feel hungry was something that filled colours to our imagination. We could not help but infer it to be the real beauty of Indian culture other than the heavily carved and opulent architectural heritage. Besides the royals there was a part of Indian culture which was unfinished and pure. It had taken a new face but is still there with the same fragrance and aura. It’s India unadulterated.

All the fatigue had seemed to vanish till the time we reached our destination. A very warm welcome awaited us by the owner of The trust,’Arpana’. She was a generous lady with lines of experiences clearly visible on her face. They made her look more elegant. She offered us a delightful breakfast and briefed us on how and what all will we be doing for the day. We were to visit three groups in three different villages. The villages were nearby but disconnected to the township.

Narrow roads took their way to the villages crossing green fields of rice. We reached the first village, and trust my words; we could actually smell the raw details. It ignited happiness in our sleep deprived eyes. A thought that I always used to have, only places like these can pay attention to details, it’s here, where values can be captured into a product, here where exclusive luxury can be crafted. That thought took a visual form.

We were there to look for fine craftsmanship and collaborate with these unreached and unexplored places of potential. It was mesmerising to see so many interested souls to collaborate with us to move forward on the path of independence.

Only we being the soul of feminism can understand what it means to be independent. Hopes and dreams took their seats besides our idea to get these women out and get them recognition for the work they do. It was an idea to give them all the power. They were to be the future entrepreneurs and were given the decisive power to say ‘Yes’ OR ‘No’ for any action.

A Monsoon Highlight.

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a light drizzle was slowly taking its course into a heavy downpour. I could enjoy only a minute of solace, when I received a phone call. The speaker hurriedly exclaimed and asked me to come and collect the deliverables he was expected to give to me that evening. The phone call lasted for not more than twenty seconds. I did not even get a chance to say “Okay” in response. So, there I was, with the phone in my hand, trying to assess what had happened. I got myself to dress and left for the place of exchange.

It was raining heavily. I boarded an auto with a very negative thought hovering over my mind, the thought of not being able to enjoy the beautiful weather and that I was stuck amidst all the traffic and pollution. The auto driver had a rather cheerful approach towards the same situation. He started talking about his family and himself from nowhere. I wondered the need for him to do so. At first I was not showing any interest in his one sided conversation, but he managed to conciliate my interest.

He went from one thing to another, about how the rains had forced him to move to a new house, and how he was trying to meet the needs of his family. Although I had no input in the conversation, verbally, he was pleased to know that I was paying showing attention. This encouraged him to talk his heart out further.  He was looking at the world from a whole new perspective, one that was very different from yours or mine. He even told me how the rains made it easier for him to perform his job better and more willingly, after all the rains had ceased the hot, sultry summers.

The ride had taken almost double the time it would have taken if there were no traffic. I collected my belongings from the “twenty second phone call man” and as I was sitting in the auto again, the auto driver politely asked me, dazed, “Bas itna sa hi kaam tha madam?” (Was this the work that had to be done? ). Before I could respond, he came up with the answer that said, “Karna padta hai na madam..” (It is necessary sometimes).

We both smiled. The ride back home was accompanied by his life stories. I managed to take part too. I paid him his fare and said a brief thanks to which he replied with a genuine smile.

There are many such people like this auto driver, who do not have much in life when it comes to monetary satisfaction, but what they do have in abundance is their ever yellow positivity. They spread joy without even knowing it.

This is another attempt by Peeli Dori to showcase the raw details of the country that are an epitome of good vibes. We, at Peeli Dori, want to share a piece of this positivity through such tales.  Feel their yellow with us.