And they said money cannot buy values.

“Mumma I collected two Pokemons today!”, exclaimed a kid to his mother. He was in the middle of his teens with excited eyes and a long face. This lean figure held his phone and his eyes followed. Before his mother could understand and reply, he continued “mumma please get me something to eat”. His mother got up with a smile to prepare a  quick snack for his son. The lady was tall and dark with shimmering eyes. They shone brighter as she saw her son smiling. She had no idea what he meant by collecting pokemons and what his idea of doing the same was. She was content with the fact that they were talking, at the least. He was the one who ws speaking and she was listening.

In today’s world, where the technology is moving at such pace, the lady, somewhere, felt a void of communication. She could not understand his language of applications and he could not understand her care in little things. They hardly had anything to have an involved interaction. He was growing up and she was growing old. This statement clearly describes all the generation gap they had in their relationship.

No matter what they say a mother knows her kid, she understands his gestures, his smiles and his sadness. She did everything to provide him with all the leisures of life, she could afford. She was a housewife but still earned for his son. Her saving by sacrificing her needs was what she earned for herself.

I met this lady, a while ago, on my visit to her place. I was there to propose an offer of collaboration with Peeli Dori as an entrepreneur. She sat still as I elucidated her with the process. Her affirmation to the idea was clearly visible in her eyes.

She really wanted to do more, utilize her skills that were going in vain. She wanted to be an earning member of her family. She wanted to take off a little burden from his husband’s shoulders. She wanted to give more and better that she could not afford right now. A lot had to be done and I could read it all, anyone could, her eyes narrated the same.

As I proceeded, I told her how she can be an independent business women, who has the skills and Peeli Dori will showcase her to the world, make her reach people who are looking for an intangible value in a product. The market, in quest of love, affection and exclusivity, in the form of a product, is having the means to invest in values. Her craftsmanship has to made into a convenient buy for them.
It was a little too much for her to understand in the first go. Her strong suit of doing something in her life, overpowered everything in the end. She was happier about the fact that she would be acknowledged for her work in the market. Peeli Dori believes if she can craft something then she deserves all the gratitude, at last it’s not about the size of what she makes, but it’s about her benevolence to handcraft it.

In the country of ever growing population, 92% is still dependent on these skills for their livelihood. Out of these 92%, not everyone is facilitated to contribute to the economy of the country by their work. The idea is to get this workforce forward and let the world know about their skills. In our country if only every housewife is given an opportunity, they have the potential to rise the economy up by 2%. The only effort needed is in the filling of the void between fast technology and these skills of handcrafting emotions into a product. It is the only milestone that no technology can ever achieve alone. It will need these skills and cultural heritage to go hand in hand. Peeli dori is synchronising it, you cherish the results and contribute to these little dreams.

One day the lady’s own child will acknowledge her work online and they will talk about it. They both will speak and they both will listen, together.



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