A Queer Disconnect

Hey there! SMILE!

No? Did I say something wrong? Not in the mood?

*Phone in my hand, turn front camera on, stretch my arm out in the front*
Hey there!  “S”… *Wide grin* *a pout or two* *wink one eye with pout* *silly faces* “….MILE”!

Maybe, just maybe you smiled at this.

It was not long ago when I was having lunch with a friend at a restaurant. It was one of those spontaneous lunches that just take place because two people are together and having a good time and there are food joints all around you and the two people love food more than anything! Besides that just makes us happy.

Amidst all the food and humans and the conversations amongst those humans, there was a queer disconnect. My friend and I were nattering away, binging on food, when I couldn’t help but notice a couple which had a table full of delicacies in front of them and quality time to spend together but…there comes the “but”! But the girl was engrossed in looking beautiful for her phone camera and the boy held an expression of utter confusion, trying to look normal to the humans he was surrounded with. This frame of disconnect made me scrutinise the entire food court! And to my surprise, the scenario of the entire place was pretty much the same.

This lead to an intense conversation between the two of us. It spoke of how today’s humans believe in the idea of communicating via a connection which is virtual and how the world knows what the other is up to before their loved ones. One judges another on the hollow basis of a photograph or a status update. Technology is a powerful medium of communication, so much so that it were a trending topic of discussion. It has taken over, what now seem, the mundane details of everyday life of a human. They are more comfortable with expressing themselves virtually. The hard reality is that virtual life can be manipulated to look more exciting and interesting, even if it is not in actuality.

The food court had the clichéd form of entertainment, the “television”. The humans who were not too dependent on their gadgets were tempted to stare at this entertainment box. Their conversations were influenced by what they were watching. We could hear some of it. Parts of what we could make out were certain comments on a celebrity, one topic leading to another, the celebrity’s past, his/her life, how much money they make and the list goes on and on. The astonishing part of all this is that the third person they are discussing about, with so much input, is not even aware of the same!

Technology can have an effect on us only if we let it, the extent of it can be taken care of. Adding a filter to your “mundane” life may suffice for a while but you require a filter that will help you grow as a person, as a human. A status update might shower you with a thousand likes and praises but a self-update will give you the genuines.

We were only about to leave when my eyes automatically stopped and stared at the couple. The girl was still busy with her phone and the boy had no idea of his purpose of existence.

Peeli Dori is all about the raw details of a tale, a story. It narrates the shades of yellow, the raw reality of the humans of today. So go ahead, flaunt that beautiful smile of yours, for no one else but you and spread your yellow.



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