Realize Your Indianness with These Promising Women Entrepreneurs of India

Women across the world have overcome all their negative aspects of life and have stood up to their stature. They have proved themselves beyond doubt in all spheres of life including that complex world of entrepreneurship. “Women are composed, they are more creative and for this reason, sometimes, also more delicate.” I think the above said lines say that she is strong enough to emerge as an example to be a role model to thousand other women. With the hope that these lines will urge more women to join the workforce in the upcoming years to empower this entrepreneurial market, here are some of the successful women entrepreneurs of India, who stand out as an impressive example for others to follow the suit.



Begin with an “Indian Bra Queen”, her name is ARPITA GANESH, she is the Founder and CEO of BUTTERCUPS, a lingerie brand. As a quintessential entrepreneur, she launched India’s first high-end lingerie boutique in 2009 that will help women find their right size, fits, and styles all at affordable prices. She left her ten years advertising career to make an imprint in Indian lingerie market based on one’s requirements. Presently Buttercups is proof that anything done with passion, however challenging it may be, will find takers.


Secondly, a young lady, whose philosophy based on a thought- „the biggest thing holding women back is women themselves‟, calls herself a stereotypical sardarni who was born into a big joint family in Delhi, names ANISHA SINGH. She is a Co-founder and CEO of MYDALA, a merchant marketing platform that helps businesses reaches the right set of consumers.


Thirdly, two girls named PRIYANKA GILL and NAMRATA BOSTROM, both runs India’s fastest growing fashion and lifestyle platform for women, POPXO. It is a content space that became a must-go-to-place for having ideas to dress and style well.


Fourthly, ADITI AVASTHI, a girl from Mumbai, a Founder, and CEO of EMBIBE says that- ‘there is so much talent and hard work everywhere, it just needs direction.’ She established it in 2012, based on Ed-tech that combines technology and data sciences which help students prepare for competitive exams. Embibe is the outcome of her personal experience as she appeared for IIT-JEE but did not clear it because of the lack of resources to aid exam preparation that time.


Fifthly, at mere 22 years, SUCHITA SALWAN, Founder of LITTLE BLACK BOOK DELHI- a curate cultural and lifestyle guide for Delhi residents. It is a site which has quickly become the must-visited-site to discover Delhi’s culture as it incorporates with its events, city tours and weekend checklists. She hunted for people, things, places that made Delhi interesting and brought to fore its bright side. Toward the end of these insights which may inspire you at some moment, you become successful; it is because somewhere, sometime, someone gave you an idea that started in the right direction. So Dear optimist, pessimist, and realist- while you guys were busy doing nothing and arguing about the glass of wine, these people drank it! Sincerely, the opportunist! If you want to win and succeed no matter what, always strive for that perfect score which is deeply embedded in you at the early stage of life.

Credits: Anushka Goel


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