Like the setting of dawn, her elegance embraced all the light she had.

In search for a story that requires, not words but expressions to reach the world, Peeli Dori was in the city of Udaipur. Mesmerised by the vintage lakes and the 15 ladies with spirits as high up as the sky, the Peeli Dori team was ready for the training sessions. A skill set to handcraft products, with quality and precise design detail, was the aim of the training. Peeli Dori and their team were there to enhance their acquired craftsmanship skills.

The ladies had now put forward a step on the path of their road to entrepreneurial independence.  Every woman there knew the business she had to do and also the revenue that they would generate out of it. It was again one major part of the training process. To make them understand the worth of their skills, since Peeli Dori respects and presents gratitude to every artisan in the country.

These women were artists and we provided them with their canvas. With every passing day, they became better and better with the products and their crafting. They were new to these categories of products. They were new to the detail that a single product required to provide it ‘the’ edge in terms of its finesse and quality. They took it well off.

Every stitch line was made sure to follow the path that it had to, every fold had the right measurement and every thread was precisely taken. Already familiar with the craft of and embroidery and fabric stitching, we took them a step forward and gave them a new material to work with. It was wood. They had to embark their stitch line on the wood pieces now.

How these soft hands could handle such a material which is usually under the work list of men?

To answer this question I would like to acknowledge the fact that this is how people misapprehend feminism. The hands are soft, but it does not define the strength that they possess. If speculated, the right measure will be the hopes and the passion that they retain. These factors define their strength. Their hopes stimulated them to drill and finish the wooden pieces with precision and all that it lead to was a beautiful product. It had the value of an effort, charm of a hand and finish of a passionate designer behind it.

She is now an earning member of the family, having a self-earned account balance with her hard work and dedication. We received her positive input in our products and helped her with her identity, that she always wanted. The world now knows her as a skilled artisan of Peeli Dori with the products that she has crafted, clearly stated on our website

She in one of those 15 women, who very proudly states,’ I earn more than my husband now’, in one of the recent interviews.


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