Through Our Eyes – Part 3.



A fruitful conversation and some candid photography, kept us busy with the women. Both the NGO and Peeli Dori were at ease with the project ahead. They  looked forward to it with hope and passion. We had to have enough content for social media. During the meet, we were taking photographs of the women, their interviews and also recordings of their past experiences with previous opportunities. Everything had to be showcased online through various mediums like, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is one major platforms that Peeli Dori wants them to enter, recognizing it one of the finest ways to get the world to know them. Their existence can be well-judged by people themselves.



The clock struck 3 in the afternoon, we were busy taking interviews of the women when one of them came to us and requested for permission to leave. She had to drop her child for tuition. A mother she was, and like every other woman it was her primacy. Respecting this feel of motherhood and its worth, I asked her to show up for training sessions without fail, the next time we would visit.

It was time to finally take a leave from them till the time we next come back and start our project. Everyone left the Panchayat hall for their ways back home. We headed off for Udaipur and reached their by evening.

Our eyes were heavy and stomachs airy. It was time for us to take a break from work and enjoy the relishing dishes available in the city. With a cold strong coffee and some really amazing food our visit came to an end. We were set to go back to Delhi, to come another time and start with some real work. The training session that is.



Our collaboration with these women and hence with the NGO, has shown out with flying colours. The collection, ‘Sophisticated Geometricity’, having home furnishing accessories majorly, the dining accessories, received a response, much ahead of what we had expected. The collection is exclusively handcrafted by the women of Rishabdeo and members of the NGO- Shri Mateswari Vikas Sewa Samiti. In our coming up blog stories we would take you for a ride through our whole backstage story. A very interesting journey that we have had with the ladies from the training sessions to the production is worth sharing. These stories will enhance your experience of a product offered by Peeli Dori and create a special connect with it. So the next time when your glittering soup is accompanied by a crisp, handcrafted table napkin by Peeli Dori, it will give you warmth and a feeling of attachment. It is of a different high and you have to trust me on this.

Keep the knot tied with Peeli Dori to know more on this.


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