And they said money cannot buy values.

“Mumma I collected two Pokemons today!”, exclaimed a kid to his mother. He was in the middle of his teens with excited eyes and a long face. This lean figure held his phone and his eyes followed. Before his mother could understand and reply, he continued “mumma please get me something to eat”. His mother got up with a smile to prepare a  quick snack for his son. The lady was tall and dark with shimmering eyes. They shone brighter as she saw her son smiling. She had no idea what he meant by collecting pokemons and what his idea of doing the same was. She was content with the fact that they were talking, at the least. He was the one who ws speaking and she was listening.

In today’s world, where the technology is moving at such pace, the lady, somewhere, felt a void of communication. She could not understand his language of applications and he could not understand her care in little things. They hardly had anything to have an involved interaction. He was growing up and she was growing old. This statement clearly describes all the generation gap they had in their relationship.

No matter what they say a mother knows her kid, she understands his gestures, his smiles and his sadness. She did everything to provide him with all the leisures of life, she could afford. She was a housewife but still earned for his son. Her saving by sacrificing her needs was what she earned for herself.

I met this lady, a while ago, on my visit to her place. I was there to propose an offer of collaboration with Peeli Dori as an entrepreneur. She sat still as I elucidated her with the process. Her affirmation to the idea was clearly visible in her eyes.

She really wanted to do more, utilize her skills that were going in vain. She wanted to be an earning member of her family. She wanted to take off a little burden from his husband’s shoulders. She wanted to give more and better that she could not afford right now. A lot had to be done and I could read it all, anyone could, her eyes narrated the same.

As I proceeded, I told her how she can be an independent business women, who has the skills and Peeli Dori will showcase her to the world, make her reach people who are looking for an intangible value in a product. The market, in quest of love, affection and exclusivity, in the form of a product, is having the means to invest in values. Her craftsmanship has to made into a convenient buy for them.
It was a little too much for her to understand in the first go. Her strong suit of doing something in her life, overpowered everything in the end. She was happier about the fact that she would be acknowledged for her work in the market. Peeli Dori believes if she can craft something then she deserves all the gratitude, at last it’s not about the size of what she makes, but it’s about her benevolence to handcraft it.

In the country of ever growing population, 92% is still dependent on these skills for their livelihood. Out of these 92%, not everyone is facilitated to contribute to the economy of the country by their work. The idea is to get this workforce forward and let the world know about their skills. In our country if only every housewife is given an opportunity, they have the potential to rise the economy up by 2%. The only effort needed is in the filling of the void between fast technology and these skills of handcrafting emotions into a product. It is the only milestone that no technology can ever achieve alone. It will need these skills and cultural heritage to go hand in hand. Peeli dori is synchronising it, you cherish the results and contribute to these little dreams.

One day the lady’s own child will acknowledge her work online and they will talk about it. They both will speak and they both will listen, together.



A Queer Disconnect

Hey there! SMILE!

No? Did I say something wrong? Not in the mood?

*Phone in my hand, turn front camera on, stretch my arm out in the front*
Hey there!  “S”… *Wide grin* *a pout or two* *wink one eye with pout* *silly faces* “….MILE”!

Maybe, just maybe you smiled at this.

It was not long ago when I was having lunch with a friend at a restaurant. It was one of those spontaneous lunches that just take place because two people are together and having a good time and there are food joints all around you and the two people love food more than anything! Besides that just makes us happy.

Amidst all the food and humans and the conversations amongst those humans, there was a queer disconnect. My friend and I were nattering away, binging on food, when I couldn’t help but notice a couple which had a table full of delicacies in front of them and quality time to spend together but…there comes the “but”! But the girl was engrossed in looking beautiful for her phone camera and the boy held an expression of utter confusion, trying to look normal to the humans he was surrounded with. This frame of disconnect made me scrutinise the entire food court! And to my surprise, the scenario of the entire place was pretty much the same.

This lead to an intense conversation between the two of us. It spoke of how today’s humans believe in the idea of communicating via a connection which is virtual and how the world knows what the other is up to before their loved ones. One judges another on the hollow basis of a photograph or a status update. Technology is a powerful medium of communication, so much so that it were a trending topic of discussion. It has taken over, what now seem, the mundane details of everyday life of a human. They are more comfortable with expressing themselves virtually. The hard reality is that virtual life can be manipulated to look more exciting and interesting, even if it is not in actuality.

The food court had the clichéd form of entertainment, the “television”. The humans who were not too dependent on their gadgets were tempted to stare at this entertainment box. Their conversations were influenced by what they were watching. We could hear some of it. Parts of what we could make out were certain comments on a celebrity, one topic leading to another, the celebrity’s past, his/her life, how much money they make and the list goes on and on. The astonishing part of all this is that the third person they are discussing about, with so much input, is not even aware of the same!

Technology can have an effect on us only if we let it, the extent of it can be taken care of. Adding a filter to your “mundane” life may suffice for a while but you require a filter that will help you grow as a person, as a human. A status update might shower you with a thousand likes and praises but a self-update will give you the genuines.

We were only about to leave when my eyes automatically stopped and stared at the couple. The girl was still busy with her phone and the boy had no idea of his purpose of existence.

Peeli Dori is all about the raw details of a tale, a story. It narrates the shades of yellow, the raw reality of the humans of today. So go ahead, flaunt that beautiful smile of yours, for no one else but you and spread your yellow.



Equities enveloped in traditions, we here in India cherish the delicacies. The heritage has always been about dining and its rituals. The Indian cuisine is as old as our civilization. With every invasion, every conqueror, every religious belief and every social, political change, a building of tradition is added with an element and the same is in dining too. The lavishness of it is the apt description of the various cultures and their influences that they leave behind. The Chinese came an introduced us with tea, the Mughals made the Indian taste bud familiar with spices, desi ghee and rose water essence. For them food was an art and now this art has passed onto generations to become a heritage. The British influenced Indian dining tables to be conservative, planned and crisp. This is where the table manners come from.


Diversity and richness has always overpowered the tables of an Indian dining. We need the world on our single platter, and it does happen. Everything else follows. All the other accessories and decor products are according to what we like on our platters and how we like it. In parts of India, spices have become an essential on the table. It is always there, no matters what meal you are having with it.


Dining in India has a lot to about various bowls, various plates and various fragrances. Lights are an add-on to create an ambiance. Though, here a major part on which an Indian mind would stick at is the variety available on the table and not the quantity of one. Nature has its own place when a part of Indian map has a tradition to eat on banana leaves. They are the most sustainable ones.

The side foods on the table like chutney, pickles and their assortment requires another variation and size of cutlery. Eating is an elaborate ritual for Indians and therefore, elaborate are the décor ideas for it.


India, being a country ruled by region and religion, differs in the dining context from lavish table settings to the very raw form of arrangements. Chai in a kulhad sets a perfect context I want to relate with here. A very large population of India since the historical times follows this raw lifestyle of dining. They use clay crockery and utensils. The high that this form has cannot be described in words. One has to experience it to understand how it feels to eat with your hands from a clay bowl.

These stories of dining are curated by Peeli Dori and presented on your table in the form of handcrafted products. The raw details of each can only be experienced and not explained.

Realize Your Indianness with These Promising Women Entrepreneurs of India

Women across the world have overcome all their negative aspects of life and have stood up to their stature. They have proved themselves beyond doubt in all spheres of life including that complex world of entrepreneurship. “Women are composed, they are more creative and for this reason, sometimes, also more delicate.” I think the above said lines say that she is strong enough to emerge as an example to be a role model to thousand other women. With the hope that these lines will urge more women to join the workforce in the upcoming years to empower this entrepreneurial market, here are some of the successful women entrepreneurs of India, who stand out as an impressive example for others to follow the suit.



Begin with an “Indian Bra Queen”, her name is ARPITA GANESH, she is the Founder and CEO of BUTTERCUPS, a lingerie brand. As a quintessential entrepreneur, she launched India’s first high-end lingerie boutique in 2009 that will help women find their right size, fits, and styles all at affordable prices. She left her ten years advertising career to make an imprint in Indian lingerie market based on one’s requirements. Presently Buttercups is proof that anything done with passion, however challenging it may be, will find takers.


Secondly, a young lady, whose philosophy based on a thought- „the biggest thing holding women back is women themselves‟, calls herself a stereotypical sardarni who was born into a big joint family in Delhi, names ANISHA SINGH. She is a Co-founder and CEO of MYDALA, a merchant marketing platform that helps businesses reaches the right set of consumers.


Thirdly, two girls named PRIYANKA GILL and NAMRATA BOSTROM, both runs India’s fastest growing fashion and lifestyle platform for women, POPXO. It is a content space that became a must-go-to-place for having ideas to dress and style well.


Fourthly, ADITI AVASTHI, a girl from Mumbai, a Founder, and CEO of EMBIBE says that- ‘there is so much talent and hard work everywhere, it just needs direction.’ She established it in 2012, based on Ed-tech that combines technology and data sciences which help students prepare for competitive exams. Embibe is the outcome of her personal experience as she appeared for IIT-JEE but did not clear it because of the lack of resources to aid exam preparation that time.


Fifthly, at mere 22 years, SUCHITA SALWAN, Founder of LITTLE BLACK BOOK DELHI- a curate cultural and lifestyle guide for Delhi residents. It is a site which has quickly become the must-visited-site to discover Delhi’s culture as it incorporates with its events, city tours and weekend checklists. She hunted for people, things, places that made Delhi interesting and brought to fore its bright side. Toward the end of these insights which may inspire you at some moment, you become successful; it is because somewhere, sometime, someone gave you an idea that started in the right direction. So Dear optimist, pessimist, and realist- while you guys were busy doing nothing and arguing about the glass of wine, these people drank it! Sincerely, the opportunist! If you want to win and succeed no matter what, always strive for that perfect score which is deeply embedded in you at the early stage of life.

Credits: Anushka Goel


Like the setting of dawn, her elegance embraced all the light she had.

In search for a story that requires, not words but expressions to reach the world, Peeli Dori was in the city of Udaipur. Mesmerised by the vintage lakes and the 15 ladies with spirits as high up as the sky, the Peeli Dori team was ready for the training sessions. A skill set to handcraft products, with quality and precise design detail, was the aim of the training. Peeli Dori and their team were there to enhance their acquired craftsmanship skills.

The ladies had now put forward a step on the path of their road to entrepreneurial independence.  Every woman there knew the business she had to do and also the revenue that they would generate out of it. It was again one major part of the training process. To make them understand the worth of their skills, since Peeli Dori respects and presents gratitude to every artisan in the country.

These women were artists and we provided them with their canvas. With every passing day, they became better and better with the products and their crafting. They were new to these categories of products. They were new to the detail that a single product required to provide it ‘the’ edge in terms of its finesse and quality. They took it well off.

Every stitch line was made sure to follow the path that it had to, every fold had the right measurement and every thread was precisely taken. Already familiar with the craft of and embroidery and fabric stitching, we took them a step forward and gave them a new material to work with. It was wood. They had to embark their stitch line on the wood pieces now.

How these soft hands could handle such a material which is usually under the work list of men?

To answer this question I would like to acknowledge the fact that this is how people misapprehend feminism. The hands are soft, but it does not define the strength that they possess. If speculated, the right measure will be the hopes and the passion that they retain. These factors define their strength. Their hopes stimulated them to drill and finish the wooden pieces with precision and all that it lead to was a beautiful product. It had the value of an effort, charm of a hand and finish of a passionate designer behind it.

She is now an earning member of the family, having a self-earned account balance with her hard work and dedication. We received her positive input in our products and helped her with her identity, that she always wanted. The world now knows her as a skilled artisan of Peeli Dori with the products that she has crafted, clearly stated on our website

She in one of those 15 women, who very proudly states,’ I earn more than my husband now’, in one of the recent interviews.

Through Our Eyes – Part 3.



A fruitful conversation and some candid photography, kept us busy with the women. Both the NGO and Peeli Dori were at ease with the project ahead. They  looked forward to it with hope and passion. We had to have enough content for social media. During the meet, we were taking photographs of the women, their interviews and also recordings of their past experiences with previous opportunities. Everything had to be showcased online through various mediums like, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is one major platforms that Peeli Dori wants them to enter, recognizing it one of the finest ways to get the world to know them. Their existence can be well-judged by people themselves.



The clock struck 3 in the afternoon, we were busy taking interviews of the women when one of them came to us and requested for permission to leave. She had to drop her child for tuition. A mother she was, and like every other woman it was her primacy. Respecting this feel of motherhood and its worth, I asked her to show up for training sessions without fail, the next time we would visit.

It was time to finally take a leave from them till the time we next come back and start our project. Everyone left the Panchayat hall for their ways back home. We headed off for Udaipur and reached their by evening.

Our eyes were heavy and stomachs airy. It was time for us to take a break from work and enjoy the relishing dishes available in the city. With a cold strong coffee and some really amazing food our visit came to an end. We were set to go back to Delhi, to come another time and start with some real work. The training session that is.



Our collaboration with these women and hence with the NGO, has shown out with flying colours. The collection, ‘Sophisticated Geometricity’, having home furnishing accessories majorly, the dining accessories, received a response, much ahead of what we had expected. The collection is exclusively handcrafted by the women of Rishabdeo and members of the NGO- Shri Mateswari Vikas Sewa Samiti. In our coming up blog stories we would take you for a ride through our whole backstage story. A very interesting journey that we have had with the ladies from the training sessions to the production is worth sharing. These stories will enhance your experience of a product offered by Peeli Dori and create a special connect with it. So the next time when your glittering soup is accompanied by a crisp, handcrafted table napkin by Peeli Dori, it will give you warmth and a feeling of attachment. It is of a different high and you have to trust me on this.

Keep the knot tied with Peeli Dori to know more on this.