Through Our Eyes – Part 1.

Splendid is the pride and romance, with unmatched yellow shades of sunset. The Aravallies stretching their arms all around the city, prevailing ochre in every direction, centralize the tranquil bodies of water. The lakes stand still to admire the beauty of the setting sun and stare at the rising new hopes with every new morning. That’s the magnificence of the city, Udaipur which nothing can efface.

This land of montaged heritage is known to have a ration of skills and traditional knowledge hugged in its shelter. Peeli dori was on a visit to the city of lakes, Udaipur in order to explore the hidden possibilities in the town. Today, sipping my morning tea and planning to recite my experience in words, I find it challenging to articulate the grandeur of the place in writing.

Yellow, blue, red and again yellow, I felt an incursion of happiness with each colour as we ascended the unfinished, yet dazzlingly coloured wooden stairs. The railway station of Udaipur City hailed us with the forte of the state Rajasthan and rendered it like a king – sharp, intense and bright. The colours were enough to flicker away our fatigue of the overnight journey. With a fresh cup of tea and a even refreshing shower after the check in, we were all set to meet a community, a self-help group of the NGO, Shri Mateswari Samaj Sewa Samiti . In order to capture the essence of the land, it was very important to meet the local roots of the place.

The visit was a part, rather I would say a start of a new collaboration with the NGO. We wanted to meet them to analyse their potential and willingness to stand forward and show their skills to the contemporary market. We left for Rishabdeo, where our meeting was arranged. My partner and I exchanged a look and smiled just as we sat in the car. I don’t know what went through our minds that time, but all I can say is a sense of positivity always overrides the anxiety of the hour.


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