Words or no Words?

Detachment is what interests me, seeing how people could not have been any other way, how they were the product of forces that they had no control over.

– Edward St. Austin


You will understand the meaning behind the above mentioned quote, once you have read what I have to say.

Amongst the hoi polloi of the metro, and me reading a book, a woman nearly fell upon me due to a sudden train jerk. She tried to regain her balance as I helped her with the same. I went back to what I was doing, reading a book, immediately after the gesture. It was a moment after that, that I noticed the woman was using a lot of hand gestures to express herself to two other women, probably her colleagues. They must have been in their mid-thirties.

In the middle of this simultaneous process of me reading and me sharing glances with the trio, I realised that they did not have a voice to support their gestures. Yes, they were tongue-tied. This realisation was followed by minor embarrassment, which soon translated to this unimaginable state of confused happiness. I continued to share hidden glances with them, pretending to read my book with extreme interest and avoid any contretemps that might have offended them. But that was just me over thinking the situation. They were not even concerned that a fourth person was showing interest in their conversation. The three were in a confab that made them giggle at frequent intervals, one that I could not comprehend. What I could infer was that their metro soiree, a mere twenty minutes of them being together, gave me a beautiful memory , rather a realisation that there are a lot of other means to communicate other than words.

Life figures its way out, so did theirs. They had accepted who they were and are the fact that they could not have been any other way. They were so detached from the world, yet so attached with their own, where there were no words. But who needs words when your actions can express better?

Their yellow had an energy, a radiance, multiplied by three.

Peeli Dori is grateful to such human beings who spread their yellow without any conditions. This is our attempt to multiply it by infinity.