Stop, Think and Observe.

Looking towards the stars with anticipation, as if all the stars are answers to our questions. They listen to what we believe. One wonders, where the life’s journey is going to end, where it started and who has its strings. We start, walk and eventually reach back to the start. A journey to rejoice, the displacement calculates to zero but the distance is miles, reaching infinity, miles full of ups and downs, learnings and excitements.

All these thoughts hovered my mind, while travelling back from an event one evening. I was turning the pages of my book to reach where I had left reading. Struggling hard to distract myself from the chaos that I was surrounded with,  my eyes were caught by a sight that made me forget the whole idea of reading the book. I entered the land of my deep thoughts and she was the reason.

Every wrinkle on her face, narrated a story, full of experiences she had gained while covering the miles of her life. A lady, a gentle lady, with innocence dripping and glittering eyes, looked for her space in this very fast moving metropolitan city. She could not understand why people were running, bigger question yet, what were they running for?

She was old, very old and sat on a seat in the corner of the metro train. It has just been a few days that I saw her with a facial expression like that of infants, full of wrinkles, and she wore sports shoes. Two, extremely cute braids rounded off to her shoulder and made a figure of contrast. Her eyes moved furiously, and mine were just stuck on her.

She had a lot to tell, a lot to tell but who would want to listen. Everybody was busy in running to handle their lifestyles and responsibilities. She maybe wanted to tell, that a day full of young energy and brightness is what we want at the end.

We all run to accomplish our daily goals but in the process of doing so we forget to enjoy the colors that we have, the energy that we possess. A smile that you offer can actually fill your life with all positive vibrancy. Stop, think and observe. Give time to yourself, observe your life and fill the most beautiful yellow in it.

Make someone smile today.

Peeli dori is striving hard to do it every day, so that all the wrinkles on a face revels a life full of hope and self-respect.


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