A point of view.

Yet one day, peeli dori will be spreading amaranthine positivity, like a song, to be heard and sung through the streets, cities and countries. The lyrics of this song are a work in progress. Our lyricists being the ones who are seeking an opportunity to showcase their skills.  A song that has innumerable verses, each verse describing a tale of achievement, progress and happiness.

Our critic, Rajika Wakde, an upcoming textile designer, has something to say about peeli dori and its latest collaboration with Khwaab.

This is what she has to say. A psittacism ? NO. It is a point of view.

The current era represents the regrowth of traditional Indian crafts with number of startups growing at a high pace. Startups in the craft sector provide an opportunity for young designers to dream and bring their vision to life, as well as uplift the livelihood of artisans.

Peeli Dori – a contemporary brand unfolds one such story, encouraging Indian hand-crafted skills. Its been just a year since Ananya Kumar and Niharika Choudhary, co-founders of the brand made their debut. The idea was to create newfangled products using hand-crafted materials, expand knowledge and promote the skills of Indian craftsmen.

The brand has collaborations with various NGOs and craft clusters, where they share the knowledge of contemporary techniques to upgrade the design element, and provide greater employment opportunities to the working hands.

Advancing knowledge on resist dye techniques like “Shibori” and “Batik” to the women of KHWAAB, the brand has its new collection of scarves and bookmarks. These scarves are the perfect piece of fashion for this summer. Combination of bright tangerine, organic indigo and Earth tones over muted texture of linen or playful glimmer of chiffon silk provide a range of style to render your personality. The handcrafted bookmarks with basic patterns narrate a story within, leaving you to recollect moments of voyage from your literature.

The joint effort takes a step ahead to fulfil the urge of these women to grow independent, and a hope to dream larger. The designer duo ambitiously seeks possibilities to work for the brand, culminating the growth of traditional Indian crafts.


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