An Interpretation.

It was not long ago that an idea was born, an idea adorned by positivity. It was one year and three months ago that peeli dori began its journey and ever since, its celerity has been on the increase. The idea was and is to translate traditional crafts and techniques into contemporary lifestyle products, through the hands of those who have saved a piece of their lives to achieve purpose.

One such translation caught the eye of an art curator, Mekhala Dave. It is not a mere rodomontade, it is an interpretation.
This is what she has to say.

Donning scarves are symbolic for an instant mood enhancer or making a fashion statement. With Peeli Dori, there’s a fresh approach to designing scarves and versatility in their collection. In cascades of the scarves, organic details in the form of inspiring Shibori technique is brazen with unique patterns. The scarves have sublime texture, resplendent in handicraft.  The material is endowed in either linen or silk chiffon. The light onto the fabric gives a beautiful sheen which alleviates the quality of the material. The cloth is smoothly traced by ethereal colors with simple crochets. Traditionally endowed, there’s a modern and contemporary twist. They covet the body in rhythmic waves, complimenting your personal style. A pair of breezy shades teamed with intricate ethnic earrings or rings, calls for a summer ease.

When a chapter of a book leaves a lasting impression, you conjure a yearning to relive beautiful words. Slide a Peeli Dori bookmark for some warmth and nostalgia to archive those moments . They have surreal patterns and solitary colours to unveil a classy feel. With a hot mug of steaming cocoa or coffee, you will be reminded of a home not so far away. Inspired by earth and florals, the bookmarks either come with pop orange or indigo petals entwined in coiling stems or in rectangular zen shapes that have co joined woody beads.

Their collection boosts the spirit of Indian tradition and create a semblance with a modern touch. Their feel is spiritually uplifting and a wonderment to the eyes sight!