She is a DREAMER – 5/5

Twelve ladies, one community and thousands of dreams came together to handcraft the products of the new collection, launched by Peeli Dori. Handcrafted goodness is what we have to offer once again with a story to narrate. The story of these ladies with commendable skills and dedication, their hopes, their desires are dyed on blank fabrics and have come up with bright outcomes. The lifestyle products, designed by the team of peeli dori and handcrafted by the ladies of khwaab, are now available for sale.

Peeli dori’s interaction with khwaab is a beginning of a new path, which is being constructed with equal dedication and skill from both ends. It is strong and beautiful. It is a thread of a bright future for the deserving people of this country. The gender which has the capability to stand up and work for their living, the path is for them to run and win, with the charm that they possess in their heart.

Two craft techniques that peeli dori chose for them were, resist dying (batik and shibori) and crochet. They, on one side were a challenge and on the other an incredible opportunity. The ladies looked at the opportunity we provided and acquired the skill with a whole lot of interest. They were trained for the new craft techniques and also for the products. After the training period the designed products were allotted to the ladies, for them to handcraft.

This process of give and take between khwaab and peeli dori generated a beautiful collection that we can be proud of. The path of this collaboration has just begun, we will be glad if you join along.

Dream a dream with Peeli Dori and Khwaab.



Article: Niharika Choudhary

Illustration: Ananya Kumar


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