She is a DREAMER – 4/5

Walking ahead on the rays of hope, we found brightness in the dreams. They are the dreamers full of passion and a sense of hard work. In the process of converting their caliber into refined skilled artisans, we could see a tree grow and stand out tall.

Peeli Dori started with a training process among the ladies of Khwaab, an NGO based in Delhi. We are a catalyst here in their attempt to immensely grow in the field of product business. These ladies aim to convert their caliber into a way that can help their children’s education. They have this little dream and we are helping them achieve it by polishing their skills and providing new skills, so that they can enter the market with greater potential.

Accordingly, from Peeli Dori’s analysis and observation, we thought of training the ladies with two new crafts of fabric resist dying, Shibori and Batik.

With their fast catching capacity, our training for the craft was done within 3 weeks. Now they were all set to take up the challenge of handcrafting the products designed by Peeli Dori. They were all briefed about what are the differences between making a product and handcrafting an exclusive designer product. The latter takes a lot of investment in terms of dedication, perfection and hard work along with a sense of design.

Peeli Dori’s attempt in painting color yellow in Khwaab’s space was leading to satisfying results.

Now the wait is to see the launch of products. Fingers crossed and tremendous excitement for the same.

Dream a dream with Peeli Dori and Khwaab.



Article: Niharika Choudhary

Illustration: Ananya Kumar


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