She is a DREAMER – 3/5

The smell of positivity that I smell every time these ladies are around me, I feel life again. Their charm of making the little things in life a reason to celebrate adorns my mind with thoughts of making their identity shine. The whole process of training the ladies with new craft techniques and learning new aspects of life from them makes my weekends cherishable.

Their perspective towards life and situations differ completely, from what I thought of them to be. In the process of exploring their take on things and life, I conducted a little exercise with them. Each of them were asked to write their names on yellow cards, respectively, along with a line stating something that they want the world to know. This sounds like a child’s play but it was difficult for them. They could not decide what to write and what not to. How could that one statement even describe their passion of creating an identity for themselves?

They came up with something that I had never expected. The one statement explained what they wanted to work ahead for. The reason that derived their passion. Each of them had a common motive, explained differently.

One wrote, “Mai apni pehchaan banana chahti hu” ( I want to be known for who I am). Another wrote, “Meri pehchaan mujhe mera kaam dilaega” ( My identity will attract work). All these statements were yelling for identity and their sound had all the power to earn that identity at any cost. They were the source of inspiration and they themselves were the beautiful ornaments in their own lives.

In order to make these ladies believe the same, Peeli Dori is giving them the right path, a hope. Embedding their dreams of having an identity on the yellow cards, we are striving hard to bring them forward and make the world recognise them for the skills they possess. They have the capability to do wonders and are doing it. Who knows with the process and motivation ahead they explore an artist within themselves. Let us paint their identity bright with peeli dori, a yellow path towards success.

Dream a dream with Peeli Dori and Khwaab.


Article: Niharika Choudhary

Illustration: Ananya Kumar


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