She is a DREAMER – 1/5

She is a dreamer, she is a doer, she is a thinker and she is a woman of potential. POTENTIAL TO ORNAMENT LIVES OF OTHERS. HER SACRIFICES BECOMES HER STRENGTH.

She walks on the norms of life to impart light to others at every step. She has a vision and the caliber to achieve it.

She describes the women of KHWAAB – a platform that provides these women a path to achieve their dreams. A feeling of independence and self-respect reflected, when I met these women. The positive colour that they had for their dreams was commendable. They had the urge to learn, to create, to earn. Earn a living for their little children. Not much was there that they asked for. Just a good life and education for their sons and daughters. They had tears in their eyes but strength in their gestures. They wanted a ray of light and we were there to give that, holding a glimpse of the rising sun.

KHWAAB taught them to read, write, stitch, create and now peeli dori is there to breathe colors into their learnings. Enhancing and making them realize their hidden dreams is our sole purpose.

In the picture of the country’s growing economy, they can add a pixel. Growth is what they dream for. The enthusiasm and skills that they learn and create with, gives us hope that we can dream a dream with their Khwaab, adding yellow to lives.

Dream a dream with Peeli Dori and Khwaab.



Article: Niharika Choudhary

Illustration: Ananya Kumar


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