The Compass is in Your Hands – 5/5

She was a breath-taking mosaic of battles. She had won, she had crossed limits, and times she had lived. She stood up ahead of all to call her own name, out loud. She had faith in her eyes, charm in her gestures and confidence in her posture. This is another soul, full of stars, whose circle had all yellow around. She had chosen the right colour to dominate all the darkness in her life.

Talking about her circle reminds me of her sound, which had a positive attraction, one can never ignore. I met her on the streets, while I was on my way to college. Surrounded by withered, torn books, there she was sitting with a weighing machine, that little life had a world in there. It was not a choice. This was given to her. But she had received it as a boon, a gift. What startled me most was the fact that she had built a cocoon to protect herself from the fast moving world around her. But a window was carved out to stay in touch with that world.

Whenever she saw passers-by, she would cry out loud with her high pitched yet soothing voice,” weight check kara lo!” and then she would go back to her beloved books. The disturbance did not bother her. Maybe it was not disturbance for her. Her priorities were decided upon. She was filling her circle with yellow. And bit by bit, it will be filled with many shades of yellow, one day, enough to overflow with contentment. After all she has borne the weight of many. The results are bound to occur, the yellow is bound to get warmer.

And each time I passed her by, she smiled in exchange for a penny, mumbling something from the all the books she had buried herself into, all the yellow she had covered herself with.

Relive the yellow with peeli dori.



Article: Ananya Kumar

Illustration: Niharika Choudhary


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