The Compass is in Your Hands – 4/5

They had colours, they had life in, they believed somewhere in their heart about the potential that they are breathing. Their souls were alone even after having a family to take care of. They knew everything but no one ever came to know about what laid inside the bling of their eyes. Someone had truly seen them and still could not discover the right opening to their heart. Their hearts screamed freedom. Freedom with love, independence, care, and self-respect. They wanted to walk along, walk faster and show that they are capable of carrying a life and not just be an accessory to the men in their lives.

They were the feminine souls I came across, with faces hidden behind their dupattas. They had a glow that yearned for attention, for identity. Their efforts to shine with the colours of their attire, were fairly visible, in the lens of my camera.

They had a belief, a belief that could create. Hidden behind walls, they were sculpting lives. Yellow fabric covering the face, magenta saree and multicolour bangles, tinkling in their hands, told me a lot about their circle of life. The colours they had and the way they had painted it.

Thinking about these ladies, when I write this blog today, I am amused by the fact that how they saw the world, how they interpreted it with a screen of hued fabric that was always in front of their eyes. This thought is difficult to visualise but it was the reality of their circle, it still is. Far more different from what our circle is. Only their heart could say about the contents of their circle, a secret no one knows. What I could hear was a question filled with excitement, ‘’Photo kheech rahi ho beta?”

That essence of their voice left a lot of questions in my mind. Why are they so excited about the attention? Why are they thrilled at the thought of their photograph being clicked? Are they hoping to be recognised by somebody, or have they accepted that nobody can. After all nobody can have a glimpse of the eyes behind the coloured screen they had on their faces, all the time.

Let us help them come up and be recognised, because they deserve a lot more. They have little dreams with bigger determination. They are the brightly coloured feminine souls, I once came across.

Relive the yellow with peeli dori.


Article: Ananya Kumar

Illustration: Niharika Choudhary


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