The Compass is in Your Hands – 3/5

Each of us are wedded to a circle of colour that reverberates uniquely in the Cosmos. We perceive differently and enthrall creatively with our learning. Difference in our vision, generates a circle of a different size and colour. One such story whose colour ignited more, is what I am about to narrate today.

After a long day of work, I was on the metro, in my own zone, when a young lady came and sat next to me. She delicately clasped a BIBLE in her hands as she murmured her prayers. We made eye contact and there was something about her that I felt within my heart. This feeling was not explainable. Her circle of colour brushed against mine. In her eyes, I could see kindness and serenity. As I searched my mind for words to say, she walked to me and said, ‘Hi, Do you believe in God’?

Her words reached me but I could not comprehend them. I was too naive to understand the notion of her faith. As the silence prolonged, I broke it and said quietly, ‘Yes, I do’. I knew that my words were hollow within me, I had no answer. The truth was that I only prayed when I felt excessive grief or happiness. Yet, I knew that in the recesses of my heart, I had faith – but what is this faith?

My blank stare coupled with the lack of enthusiasm made the woman smile. She said, ‘I understand. I am a follower of Jesus. I am not here to preach you about GOD but to tell you that I am glad you have faith in God.’ And she handed me her BIBLE delicately. By now, I could sense the colour of her circle , her vision of it.. I wished I could explore her way of life. It was outrageously different and her intensity suppressed all the other colours around. I wanted to ask her what faith meant to her? What did she give away, in order to receive?

But I had arrived at my destination, different from hers in many ways, before I could ask her. As I disembarked at the station, I saw her get up from her seat after which she went on to seek for another someone to have an impact on.  It got me thinking, for her to approach and talk to me, it was faith. She had faith in my words, without knowing who I am or where I come from. She had equally felt my circle of colour as well. in between our conversation, I had put forward a question asking her how people react when she approaches them. A second later I thought I had asked the wrong question. To my surprise she had a subtle reply. She said that she had received all kinds of reactions which also included rejections, scrutinizing glances and warm denials. All this did not stop her from enlarging her circle of beliefs.

In the long day, I had a fleeting realization. We had carved a moment together. In our fast paced lives, her warm soul had an impact on me. I marveled at how she broke from her comfort zone to connect with me. Ordinarily, as children, we are told not to speak to strangers. Yet, it is such moments that invite a glimpse of humanity and connection. As I clutched at the BIBLE, I felt a rising belief empower me – I am not alone.

Not only did she instill we have a God but also, guardians like her are the stroke of inspiration. And her circle of colour glowed even after her departure. She celebrated it differently, painted it differently and constructed it differently.

It was her circle of life and she painted it yellow with her power of beliefs. This time I cannot ask whether this colour is right or wrong, it is all about how we trust our skills, our thoughts, our yellow.

Relive the yellow with peeli dori.


Article: Ananya Kumar

Editor: Mekhala Dave

Illustration: Niharika Choudhary



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