The Compass is in Your Hands – 2/5

A girl with heavy brown unorganized hair, came to me, while I was gossiping with my friend sitting in the auto at the red light signal. Her dry lips implored me to buy her gajra’s that she was selling, for a mere amount of RS 10. Somewhere that mere amount was a satisfactory count for her. She made a living by that, in the age when her life had just started. She looked at me with those bovine deep brown eyes. Those eyes had the capacity to swallow stars, galaxies and universes. All filled up with hope of life, she chirped’ didi gajra lelo’. Even the intense fragrance of those flowers in her hand could not blossom, her life. She did not ask for much, wanted very little. She was learning differently to color her frame differently.


In her age, I was learning to generate a perfect circle with perfect colors inside it. Perfect form of the perfect vision, I had. It was way too different, then what I saw in her eyes.

I was, probably we all were too busy in our innocence, coloring drawing books and learning new words. But all she had to learn was how to manage her next meal. Hungry for life and a little yellow inside it, ‘I NEED A DAY OFF- ATTITUDE’ was not there for her. Those tiny fingers she had, told every bit of the striving long day stories she had.

Ever thought about what laid ahead, our lives then were about endless limitations and boundaries. The circle was full of everything except worries. All she had in her circle were innocent worries. I don’t know what her story is. All I feel is that, her story should have the yellow brightness. With peeli dori, let’s fill colors in her life, teach her to hold those colors and brighten them with her skills. I am sure she has a lot of those. All we need is to give her is the yellow thread. So that she can tie the beads of her life to craft it into a beautiful ornament.

Relive the yellow with peeli dori.


Article: Ananya Kumar

Illustration: Niharika Choudhary


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