The Compass is in Your Hands – 1/5

Vision leads to perceptions and they lead us throughout. We decide our perceptions indirectly through our visions. Today as I cover almost a quarter of the frame of my life, after so many twists and turns, a realization contents me. It was my vision towards life that provoked me to paint it in such a manner. The older I get, I more I realize, the value of this frame, this circular path that encloses my life and maintains its privacy. It depicts my way of life, my understanding of things. I can be real, open and honest and still at the same time, decide who deserves a table inside this circle of my life.

Everything connects in this world and leads to a contentment which is achieved in our life through this circular frame. A distracted life can never lead to such a secure form. Our vision decides our directions and thereby our circle of life. Everybody paints it differently. Some will like it abstract with a lot of adventurous surprises, while some will just throw in a lot of color inside it to make it all happy-go-lucky. Some can also paint all black and white to depict their own perception of peace and serene life. Your circle decides your life and everybody paints it differently.

If you look out through a circle, the only question I would want to ask you is what you see through it or framed differently, what you would want to see through to it. You can always place it according to your wants and wishes. It’s your imaginative capabilities that transforms the diameter of this frame. The compass is in your hands, create a circle the way you wish to, paint it with your vision and ornate it with your perceptions.

The little hands here are creating their circle of life, painting it yellow in a hope to dominate all the greys they possess in their destiny. They hope to make their circle shine like a morning sun. How are you doing it?

With peeli dori we help them paint it yellow and ornate it with life ,full of self-respect.

Relive the yellow with peeli dori.



Article: Ananya Kumar

Illustration: Niharika Choudhary


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