The Dori of Love

Withered dimensions and constricted geometry cannot define the proximity of nature and its magical connections. Beautiful are its emotions, elegant is its essence. A companion, a friend and a partner, he is the very first any girl can remember. He is my brother, not my choice but an extraordinary gift of nature. Not like Bollywood movies, it was that we smiled at each other and grew, running somewhere in the park. Rather we always fought like cats and dogs. These very moments when we celebrate relationships of undiluted love and affection makes me dedicate this blog to him.

Brother-Sister relationship is one such panorama of light that has different cuts, yet when compiled together completes the picture as a whole. This feeling almost every girl can relate to, on this auspicious occasion when we celebrate the strength of this relationship with a dori. A dori that symbolises love, care and affection. The intensity of a knot on that very dori is a sacred promise that a brother concedes to his sister. This feeling does not and will never require words to outrage its colours.

We shared everything since our childhood and today it has nostalgic connotation added to the same. The care a sister has for her brother is something which can just be felt. It is that connection for life in which, wherever you go, your brother will always be the closest friend. I salute to this friendship, this bond of an emotional connect.

Likewise for a brother his sister is one such trust and responsibility to which he always can look up to. Celebrate with yellow this season and make the princesses smile because, after a father a girl has brother. Every brother should understand the true friendship they share their sisters and gift them uniqueness this time.

Peeli Dori wishes a very Happy Raksha Bandhan to everyone out there! Celebrate colours, celebrate yellow and tie your emotions with dori of love. They are precious.

Relive the yellow with peeli dori.


Article: Niharika Choudhary

Photograph: Ananya Kumar


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