The Gold of Their Lives

Salt and pepper together intruded my mind, as I was tackling with the error of Ola Cab installation in the sensational heat of Jaipur. Travelling still upholds as a problem in Jaipur, where the autowalas can ask for likeable money for a two-step distance and off course one has to pay. One of the reasons for this is that my pretty partner looks “angrez” (just being generous). With no other option left we went forward for the auto as our mode of transport to Ajmeri gate. I will have to rewind a little to explain the Ajmeri gate story. One of our office colleges and a dear friend (the only good thing inn Jaipur), gave us the contact of a metal craftsman. He would guide us for the metal craft cluster. As I called, a very sweet yet old voice acknowledged me with the address of the place. And once again our lives cannot stop surprising us, or like it just always does, but sometimes we expect too much and the little surprises fade in front of them. Drops of rain brewed our faces in the auto, and both of us looked at each other with huge smiles on our faces. The weather was seducing us and we were all there for the intimate pleasure with the rain. The internet was slow for this sweet conspiracy of destiny and it made our day.

I was supposed to write a report on craft cluster visit, but I just could not do that. It was very difficult for me to write a black and white column without the color of feelings in it. I feel a lot to live a lot. Lost in the drops water, I came back to reality when we reached our destination. We reached and looked for someone to pick us up from there. As we stood there I could smell the rawness of Indian culture. Pop of bright colors blended well with the earthy tones all over the place. It would be an exaggeration to call that place an idealistic definition of what we call India, beautiful in its undeveloped nature. A decent looking guy came towards us and asked to follow him. Without a single question we did the same. At the age of 20, one cannot just doubt a decent looking young guy, amidst all the weird people around. This is one of the most loveable truth of life. 20 is the most loveable age of life.

The guy took us to a shop where two artisans were dealing with a huge metal structure. Sound of metal being beaten was all we could hear till the time, he stopped to notice us. An old man came out to greet us. He was the one we had a conversation with on the phone. The decent looking guy was instructed by him to show us the place and make us acquainted with all the metal techniques practiced there. We went in the tiny galis and corners, like loop holes, every one of which ended up in an expert artisan. We saw old black huge machines which would mould the metal sheets onto desirable shapes, but off course every desired shape requires the right dye. We saw an artisan grinding metal pieces into beautiful flowers. They used brass to make products look like gold. That brass was the gold of their lives. Heated metal was beaten into shapes. The process of forging with hands was their art and they did it perfectly. We went through the ‘tathere wali gali’ and saw people making kalash of all sizes. The growth was noticed in their work as we came to know that previously these people used to make products and sell them in the market, but now they got orders. We clicked pictures and grasped all the knowledge we could in that short span of time. Lotus was the most popular form they were using there to make the products and undoubtedly, they were beautiful. Polishing and buffing was done at the same place.

The visit ended with a promise that he would help us make some samples in the future. His skills were admirable. We also got to know that the decent looking guy was his son and he was a design college pass out. Very proudly the old man told us that his son would take his business and art forward in a more intelligent and productive manner. That young decent looking guy was the future of the gold of their lives.

These little stories are captured in every corner of India just besides our metro lives. Peeli dori aims to showcase these inspiring arts hidden in India on a larger platform and in a contemporary vision. Their yellow is their art, their skills and they live it with a smile.

Relive the yellow with peeli dori.


Article: Niharika Choudhary

Photograph: Ananya Kumar


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