The Thread of HER Life

Canopy of thoughts revolve around and make us re-think on our existence. We the women, are moulded with extreme emotions and integrity. Thrust in us is the power to tie lives, people and belongings with the thread of our emotions. This very dori (thread) is the power she sacrifices at every point and hour for others. Time and again the story repeats in different colours behind every wall .The thread that stiches homes is used enough till it is considered useless, and garbage is made their residence.

Her power to construct, to build, to give birth is prestigious enough for her to get respect for life. The world exists because of, we the women. We create an embrace, we nourish and cherish, we protect and caress. Still our lives, just like a roll of thread, provide love to bind relationships, sacrificing its own shelter to make homes, make families. Curating for love and respect, every feminine soul is silently embracing the harshness in all forms. She has hidden it behind her yellow, colour of her smile, colour with which she shreds soul in lifeless bodies. She smiles for her children, killing all the desires of her heart.

The yellow inside her makes her stronger enough to face the world with a smile. The yellow she has, gives emphasis to all the other colours of the world. Respect her and love her to make the yellow, her life and not the surface to hide it. She needs support, not because she is weak but because she feels loved when you hold her hand and take her forward. She is an embraced queen of elegant fabrication. She is weak for your love, brave enough to cut your hand instead, if you try playing with her thread instead.

Adorning feminism, adorning her Peeli dori, we bag expressions in her style. Peeli dori celebrates the thread of every feminine soul.


Relive the yellow with peeli dori.


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